February 2018
12:00pm Amish country casserole, bread, peas
6:00pm Cassanos pizza
12:00pm leftover pizza
6:00pm Meatloaf, potatoes/carrots, bread, salad
12:00pm leftover meatloaf
6:00pm Salad: cowboy salad
12:00pm leftovers: amish casserole and cowboy salad
6:00pm unstuffed cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, salad, bread
12:00pm leftover cabbage rolls; or, something from freezer
6:00pm Hamburger, green beans, tater tots
12:00pm leftover hamburger
6:00pm Spaghetti w/leftover It sausage; or, Mt Victory 5:00-8:30
12:00pm something from freezer
6:00pm Firehouse pizza
12:00pm leftover pizza
6:00pm boneless garlic/butter wings, meatballs/weenies, buffalo celery, dip/chips
6:00pm pork chop and rice casserole, peas
6:00pm salad: cobb
12:00pm leftover pork chops from Monday
6:00pm classic chicken schnitzel, garlic mushroom quinoa, asparagus
12:00pm grilled chicken salad: ElCazador
6:00pm Old Mason appetizers
12:00pm Leftovers from Wed
6:00pm Co. 7: smokehouse salad w/chicken, wings
8:00am ham/egg/cheese roll up
12:00pm turkey sandwich
6:00pm Pizza: homemade yeast/honey crust
8:00am scrambled egg, toast
12:00pm valley vineyards
6:00pm leftover pizza
12:00pm salad
6:00pm China Star: chicken w/garlic sauce
8:00am baked egg cup
12:00pm leftover chinese
6:00pm salad: cheeseburger
8:00am baked egg cup
12:00pm McAllister sandwich
6:00pm grilled brats, mac/cheese, zucchini grilled
8:00am baked egg cup
12:00pm hamburger: BurgerKing
6:00pm Eat out for Valentine's day: Simon Kenton Inn; or, Wellington Grille. Decided on Wellington.
8:00am Perkins
12:00pm leftover brat
6:00pm sirloin from freezer, buttered beets, cup of rice?
8:00am fried egg, toast
12:00pm frozen meal
6:00pm pizza: cassanos
8:00am omelet; or, waffles?
12:00pm leftover pizza
6:00pm chicken/zucchini, pasta, salad, bread
8:00am egg cup
12:00pm Lunch w/Deana
6:00pm crab/scallops, fried potatoes, broccoli
12:00pm Mod pizza?
6:00pm salad: napa?
12:00pm winking lizard
6:00pm Braised crockpot ribs, rice a roni, leftover salad
winery tour
8:00am Breakfast at home
12:00pm Der Dutchman
6:00pm Brown Derby Roadhouse, Mansfield, corner of 309/314
winery tour
8:00am Hotel breakfast
12:00pm Mansfield Family restaurant
6:00pm Plaza inn Mt Victory
winery tour
8:00am Egg/toast at farm
12:00pm Cheese/meat plate at winery
6:00pm Pizza: cassanos
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm crockpot ham and swiss cheese casserole, asparagus, French bread
12:00pm Leftover casserole
6:00pm Grilled kielbasa w/chili sauce, quinoa , stewed tomatoes
12:00pm quinoa, salad, pretzels, fruit
6:00pm antipasto salad
6:00pm Spaghetti/meatballs, bread, salad
6:00pm grilled hamburgers, green beans
6:00pm Chili, grilled cheese, celery/carrots
6:00pm pizza: homemade
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