August 2018
6:00pm Steak, corn/cob, stuffed peppers, cucumbers
6:00pm Vicki's birthday dinner
6:00pm Salad: pesto pasta grilled chicken salad
6:00pm sausage/peppers/onions, tomatoes, kohlrabi
6:00pm hamburgers, corn/zucchini, cucumber salad
6:00pm pork chops, egg plant, fried cabbage
6:00pm firehouse pizza
6:00pm Olive garden
12:00pm Leftover spag
6:00pm Grilled tuna, kohlrabi, slaw, jalapeno/cheddar biscuits
11:00am Jimmies ladder 11 on Brown street
6:00pm Peach salad w/grilled basil chicken
12:00pm Leftover ribs
6:00pm olive garden take home, stuffed peppers, salad
Golf outing
Trip for Vicki's birthday
6:00pm TAT?
Trip for Vicki's birthday
Trip for Vicki's birthday
6:00pm salsa/chicken, corn/cob
6:00pm Taco salad
6:00pm BLT, corn/cob
12:00pm Meadowbrook- fryer broken, went to TJ Chumps instead
6:00pm hamburger: Red Robin
6:00pm meatloaf, potatoes/carrots/peppers, sliced tomatoes
6:00pm Firehouse pizza
6:00pm Grilled sirloin tri tip roast, kohlrabi, peppers
6:00pm ribs, corn, tomatoes
8:00am Burrito
12:00pm Leftover beef, corn/cob
6:00pm spinach salad?
6:00pm chicken, baked potato, salad
6:00pm hamburger,corn/cob, peppers, tomato
6:00pm penn station, fries
6:00pm Ellie's birthday party at farm
12:00pm Bacon cheddar burgers with the girls, grilled zucchini, pasta salad
6:00pm pizza: Cassanos
6:00pm grilled italian sausage w/peppers onion provolone, pasta, sliced tomatoes
6:00pm salad: chicken salad on lettuce, bread
Indiana winery tour
Indiana winery tour
Indiana winery tour
6:00pm pizza: firehouse
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