September 2018
12:00pm Bacon cheddar burgers with the girls, grilled zucchini, pasta salad
6:00pm pizza: Cassanos
6:00pm grilled italian sausage w/peppers onion provolone, pasta, sliced tomatoes
6:00pm salad: chicken salad on lettuce, bread
Indiana winery tour
Indiana winery tour
Indiana winery tour
6:00pm pizza: firehouse
8:00am family brunch at farm: bacon, casserole, eggs, etc...
12:00pm family cookout at farm: chicken on grill, etc..
labor day
8:00am Leftovers: eggs, sausages
12:00pm Leftovers: pizza, chips/salsa
6:00pm Leftovers: chicken, rice a roni, peppers, caprese tomatoes
6:00pm Harvest cobb salad w/poppy seed dressing
6:00pm Sausage patty sandwich, mac/cheese
6:00pm Hamburger, veg
6:00pm Bahama mama/sauerkraut/potato, stuffed peppers
Vicki to Holmes County
6:00pm Pizza: Donatos (20% off)
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm Chicken enchiladas, Mexican street corn
8:00am Toast, egg
12:00pm Leftover Lee's chicken
6:00pm Charcoal grill steak, baked potato, salad, leftover Mexican corn
8:00am toast
12:00pm leftover enchiladas
6:00pm Eat on way home from farm
8:00am Breakfast pizza
6:00pm Flanagan's
6:00pm hamburger: grilled open face, potato salad
8:00am egg/ham sandwich
8:00am IHOP chillecothe
12:00pm leftover hamburger, potato salad
6:00pm Chinese
6:00pm Liberty steakhouse/brewery High Point, NC
To Sand Lake, MI
8:00am Marriott courtyard
6:00pm Mark: steaks
6:00pm spaghetti at beach house
6:05pm pizza: ?
To Sand Lake, MI
6:00pm Nick: spaghetti
To Sand Lake, MI
6:00pm Matt: chicken, rice
To Sand Lake, MI
6:00pm Matt: tomale pot
To Sand Lake, MI
6:00pm Bells cafe in Kalamazoo
To Sand Lake, MI
6:00pm pizza delivered to cottage by golf course
6:00pm tony's italian
8:00am Bacon, egg, toast
12:00pm Sandwich, wings
6:00pm pizza: Cassanos
8:00am Egg, waffle, sausage
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm pork chops, corn flake potatoes, peas or green beans, peppers
6:00pm tenderloin sandwiches, steak fries, sliced tomatoes, peppers
6:00pm salad w/lettuce, cauliflower, bacon
6:00pm kabobs, garlic/butter rice
6:00pm hamburger, corn fritters
6:00pm tuna noodle casserole
6:00pm Soft pretzels/beer cheese, homemade pizza
6:00pm Butterflied/brined chicken, mashed potatoes
8:00am Eat light
6:00pm Kielbasa, Green beans
6:00pm Chicken Caesar salad, rolls
6:00pm Chicken tenders, buttered noodles, broccoli
6:00pm Cheeseburger, tater tots
6:00pm Meatloaf, carrots/potatoes
6:00pm Pizza: Firehouse or 600 downtown
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