March 2018
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm crockpot ham and swiss cheese casserole, asparagus, French bread
12:00pm Leftover casserole
6:00pm Grilled kielbasa w/chili sauce, quinoa , stewed tomatoes
12:00pm quinoa, salad, pretzels, fruit
6:00pm antipasto salad
6:00pm Spaghetti/meatballs, bread, salad
6:00pm grilled hamburgers, green beans
6:00pm Chili, grilled cheese, celery/carrots
6:00pm pizza: homemade
celebrate Kelsey's birthday?
12:00pm Melt at Easton
12:00pm Old mason
6:00pm Grilled steak, asparagus, salad
12:00pm Salad: grilled chicken salad
12:00pm Valley Vineyards lunch
6:00pm Fish: walleye or grilled tuna?, potatoes, broccoli
6:00pm Hamburgers: grilled, salad
6:00pm Pizza: Firehouse
2:00pm Roosters on way home
Irish food
8:00am Scrambled eggs
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm Dublin Coddle, salad, rosemary flatbread
Irish food
8:00am Toast
12:00pm Dublin Pub
6:00pm Irish Chicken and dumpling stew, salad
Irish food
12:00pm Sandwich, pineapple at farm
6:00pm Bangers and Mash, green beans
Irish food
12:00pm leftover Chicken and dumplings
6:00pm Irish skillet dinner, bread
Irish food
6:00pm Irish butter-poached scallops, cucumber salad
Irish food
8:00am Egg/bacon burrito; eggs/toast
12:00pm Leftovers, sandwich
6:00pm Cabbage bacon sausage stir fry, cooked carrots
Irish food
8:00am Egg/bacon burrito; eggs/toast
12:00pm Leftovers, sandwich
6:00pm cottage (shepherds) pie, bread
8:00am Egg/bacon burrito; eggs/toast
12:00pm Leftovers, sandwich
6:00pm pizza: Cassanos
6:00pm Grilled chicken, grilled mixed veg
6:00pm Garlic/olive lovers 1905 salad
12:00pm Co 7 lunch: salad, wings, rescue rub
6:00pm Swiss steak, stuffed peppers, salad
6:00pm Hamburgers: Wendys
6:00pm - 8:00pm Old Mason wine/cheese pairings
6:00pm Lee's. Chicken, green beans, salad
6:00pm Pizza: LaRosas
12:00pm Palm sunday at our house: chicken w/peach wine, grilled tenderloin, garlic mashed potato, gr bean cups, asparagus, bread, salad, dessert, relishes; appetizers. Amy: deviled eggs, cake; MB: salad, pizza dip
12:00pm Leftovers, salad
6:00pm Lamb chops, zucchini/onion/mushrooms
8:00am scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, toast
12:00pm Leftovers, salad
6:00pm Crab legs, hash browns, peas
8:00am fried egg, toast, sausage
6:00pm Rays or Mexican or Tonys Italian
6:00pm Hamburger: bunkers
6:00pm grilled fish, rice, salad
8:00am Egg, toast, bacon
12:00pm healthy choice
6:00pm Pizza: Christy's
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