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May 2010
7:15am NM - Peter Ndungu on adoptions and Happy Life Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya.
7:15am TALK - Shirley Edwards discusses Parkinsons Disease.,4/26/2010,11:00 AM,4/26/2010,,false,NM - Conductor Jeremy Starr previews the Emporia Symphony Orchestras last concert of the 2009-10 season on April 27.
7:30am (:40) - CVB Director Betty Senn on a Cache and Learn class Sunday at the Lee Beran Recreation Center.
8:15am - Wilma Malone highlights the NRH Diabetes Health Fair on April 29.
8:30am (:35) - Rescue Mission Director Lee Alderman highlights the final push for donations with the Feinstein Challenge wrapping up this week.
10:15am - Live coverage of Emporia States announcement on the womens basketball program.
7:15am NM - Emporia Arts Council Director Melissa Windsor previews A Grand Night at the Races.
8:30am - Emporia Fire Marshal Tom Andrews discusses the EFDs free smoke detector program.,4/28/2010,08:15 AM,4/28/2010,,false,"(:35) - Big Brothers Big Sisters Director Courtney Gagan previews ""Bowl For Kids Sake"" on May 1.",4/28/2010,08:30 AM,4/28/2010,,false,BLOG - New ESU Lady Hornets basketball coach Jory Collins and Emporia Rep. Don Hill appear.,4/28/2010,10:00 AM,4/28/2010,,false,TALK - Shelly Lutes and Jeff Lutes discuss the formation of HOPE DS.,4/28/2010,11:00 AM,4/28/2010,,false,NM - LCAT Manager Ken Barrows discusses LCAT developments and activities.,4/29/2010,07:15 AM,4/29/2010,,false,"- Jesse Solis, Lori Phelps, Jan McClendon, Jean DeDonder and Laura Taylor discuss fundraisers for Terry Thompson.",4/29/2010,08:15 AM,4/29/2010,,false,GARDEN - Amy Jordan takes your plant questions via phone or email,4/29/2010,11:00 AM,4/29/2010,,false,(:05) - Nuestra Musica host Vic Rodriguez highlights Cinco de Mayo activities on May 2.,4/30/2010,07:00 AM,4/30/2010,,false,NM - Big Brothers Big Sisters board member and former Big Brother Cade Amend talks about the Littles College Fund and a song he wrote about his Little Brother.,4/30/2010,07:15 AM,4/30/2010,,false,(:40) - ESU Foundation spokesperson Shanna Bassett previews the John Blaufuss Run/Walk on May 1.,4/30/2010,07:30 AM,4/30/2010,,false,- Learning Connection Director Tracey Graham discusses the grand opening of the 2010 Farmers Market season May 1.,4/30/2010,08:15 AM,4/30/2010,,false,TALK - We preview the Hand in Hand Hospice Homes Tour.,4/30/2010,11:00 AM,4/30/2010,,false,"NM - City Manager Matt Zimmerman discusses the effort to extend a sales tax for industrial development and property tax relief, an effort to temporarily allow the discharge of fireworks and the 2010 fireworks show.",5/3/2010,07:15 AM,5/3/2010,,false,- Monica Dawes outlines fundraising efforts for 18-month-old Sasha Alvarado.,5/3/2010,08:15 AM,5/3/2010,,false,TALK - Janet Way previews the annual Letter Carrier Food Drive.,5/3/2010,11:00 AM,5/3/2010,,false,NM - David Traylor Zoo Director Lisa Keith announces the opening of the Photo Zoofari contest.,5/4/2010,07:15 AM,5/4/2010,,false,- Mark Shook of Waters True Value highlights a grilling education class at Waters on May 8.,5/4/2010,08:15 AM,5/4/2010,,false,NM - ESU Associate Athletic Director Shane Shively talks about the ESU Athletic Club golf tournament and auction June 4-5.,5/5/2010,07:15 AM,5/5/2010,,false,"- Emporia Community Theater Director Nancy Boyce previews ""Steel Magnolias"" on May 6.",5/5/2010,08:15 AM,5/5/2010,,false,"BLOG - Emporia Mayor Jim Kessler discusses city activities, while Rep. Don Hill has a legislative update from the House floor.",5/5/2010,10:00 AM,5/5/2010,,false,TALK - Lyon County District Judge Lee Fowler and Community Corrections spokesperson Bev Hilbish discuss the benefits of Drug Court.,5/5/2010,11:00 AM,5/5/2010,,false,NM - Twin Rivers Festival organizer Matt Slater updates planning for the July 4 event.,5/6/2010,07:15 AM,5/6/2010,,false,(:35) - Organizer Sarah Goulden previews Emporia Literacy Councils Scrabble Scramble on May 8.
11:00am GARDEN - Lyon County horticulturist Amy Jordan fields your plant-related questions.
7:30am NM - Flatland Cruisers President Jim Gurney previews the clubs annual car show May 15.,5/7/2010,07:15 AM,5/7/2010,,false,(:40) - FHCHC spokesperson Erin Reece highlights a special womens health screening event May 10.
8:15am - Janet Way previews the Stamp Out Hunger event May 8.
8:30am (:35) - Amy Welker previews a fundraiser May 8 for the family of Nathan Fleming.
11:00am TALK - Rachael LeClear discusses Community Connections classes at Flint Hills Technical College.
2:30pm - 4:30pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Fun Run Against Drugs at the Emporia Middle School track.
7:15am (:05) - Sweet Granada owner Kim Redeker reacts to the business presence in a recent Kansas! Magazine promotion.,5/10/2010,07:00 AM,5/10/2010,,false,NM - EPD Officer Willie Turner on the local law enforcement memorial.,5/10/2010,07:15 AM,5/10/2010,,false,TALK - Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Betty Senn and representatives Susan Rathke and Chassidy Bryan discuss upcoming CVB activities.,5/10/2010,11:00 AM,5/10/2010,,false,NM - TFI community relations specialist Steven Fuller discusses TFIs work and his goals for the position.
7:15am - Emporia Senior Center Director Susan Riley and North Lyon County Senior Center representative Allen Curless discuss their centers respective activities and community impact.,5/11/2010,08:15 AM,5/11/2010,,false,(:35) - Newman Regional CEO Bob Driewer and spokesperson Beth Hammond discuss National Hospitals Week.,5/11/2010,08:30 AM,5/11/2010,,false,NM - Admire School Principal Craig Idacavage previews the schools PTO Bash on May 14.
8:15am - Emporia Rep. Peggy Mast and Sen. Jim Barnett appear in studio to discuss the states fiscal 2011 budget.,5/12/2010,08:15 AM,5/12/2010,,false,(:35) - Emporia Rep. Don Hill discusses the fiscal 2011 budget.,5/12/2010,08:30 AM,5/12/2010,,false,BLOG - Open phones with host Steve Sauder.,5/12/2010,10:00 AM,5/12/2010,,false,TALK - Paula Taylor discusses kidney transplants.,5/12/2010,11:00 AM,5/12/2010,,false,"NM - Lindsay Smith promotes ""Pooch-A-Palooza"" on May 15.",5/13/2010,07:15 AM,5/13/2010,,false,- Flatland Cruisers President Jim Gurney on the clubs annual car show May 15.
8:15am (:35) - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Superintendent Wendy Lauritzen discusses the latest addition to the preserves new bison herd.,5/13/2010,08:30 AM,5/13/2010,,false,GARDEN - Lyon County horticulturist Amy Jordan joins host Charlie Allen and takes your plant-related questions.,5/13/2010,11:00 AM,5/13/2010,,false,"- KVOE and Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply will provide free burgers from Bruffs, beef and beans from Fanestils, and Coca-Cola products. Scott Hayes broadcasts live.",5/13/2010,11:30 AM,5/13/2010,01:00 PM,false,NM - Former ESU Lady Hornets basketball coach Brandon Schneider talks about his tenure at ESU and his future at Stephen F. Austin University.,5/14/2010,07:15 AM,5/14/2010,,false,- EPD Lt. John Koeslch previews the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting Special Olympics.,5/14/2010,08:15 AM,5/14/2010,,false,(:35) - ESU President Dr. Mike Lane previews the May 15 spring commencement exercises.,5/14/2010,08:30 AM,5/14/2010,,false,TALK - Lyon County Crime Stoppers representatives Rick Frevert and Evora Wheeler appear with host Chuck Samples.,5/14/2010,11:00 AM,5/14/2010,,false,(:10) - Saturday Morning Sports Talk.,5/15/2010,08:00 AM,5/15/2010,,false,(:10) - Emporium.,5/15/2010,09:00 AM,5/15/2010,,false,Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Flatland Cruisers Car Show.,5/15/2010,09:00 AM,5/15/2010,10:30 AM,false,Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Emporia Fire Station No. 2 open house.,5/15/2010,12:00 PM,5/15/2010,01:30 PM,false,NM - Camp Alexander consultant/director Damon Leiss highlights summer programs and activities.,5/17/2010,07:15 AM,5/17/2010,,false,TALK - Nick Gronseth highlights a carnival and Front Porch discussion series at the William Allen White State Historic Site. Host: Chuck Samples.,5/17/2010,11:00 AM,5/17/2010,,false,NM - Emporians for Drug Awareness Director Theresa Walters on Keep It A Safe Summer on May 18.,5/18/2010,07:15 AM,5/18/2010,,false,- Representatives from the Americus and Olpe senior centers discuss their centers respective activities and community impact.
8:30am (:35) - FHTC President Dr. Dean Hollenbeck outlines graduation activities May 22.
5:00pm - 6:00pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from Keep It a Safe Summer on 14 KVOE.
7:15am NM - Drug Court Coordinator Bev Hilbish discusses the latest graduation ceremony May 20 and program specifics.
8:15am - W.L. White Auditorium Manager Ed Rathke discusses ongoing renovations to the facility.
10:00am BLOG - Steve Sauder hosts.
11:00am - 1:00pm (:05) TALK - Jodi Heermann previews the Denim and Diamonds fundraiser for the NRH Foundation. Host: Jeff ODell.,5/19/2010,11:00 AM,5/19/2010,,false,"NM - Red Cross spokesperson Bev Kerbs and Mariah Serrano,s mom, Angie Serrano, highlight a special three-day blood drive May 20-22 at the Presbyterian Church West Campus.",5/20/2010,07:15 AM,5/20/2010,,false,(:40) - Municipal Band Director Gary McCarty discusses band tryouts and the start of the 2010 season.,5/20/2010,07:30 AM,5/20/2010,,false,- KU football coach Turner Gill previews his appearance at an Emporians for Drug Awareness fundraiser May 27.,5/20/2010,08:15 AM,5/20/2010,,false,(:35) - Young Thespian Players organizer Penni Hansen previews summer auditions beginning May 21.,5/20/2010,08:30 AM,5/20/2010,,false,GARDEN - Amy Jordan takes your plant-related questions. In The Garden is changing time this week because of Royals baseball at 11:05 am. 12 pm news begins at 10:35 am.,5/20/2010,10:00 AM,5/20/2010,,false,"NM - Recreation Commission spokesperson Adrian Holopirek previews ""Touch A Truck"" at the Lee Beran Recreaction Center on May 22.",5/21/2010,07:15 AM,5/21/2010,,false,- Bob Haselhuhn previews the May 29 performance of the Tallgrass Big Band.,5/21/2010,08:15 AM,5/21/2010,,false,(:35) - Jena Johnson previews a special motorcycle fundraiser for cancer research on May 22.,5/21/2010,08:30 AM,5/21/2010,,false,Chuck Samples broadcasts live from Brodies on 14 KVOE.
8:15am TALK - Don Dix appears. Host: Jeff ODell.,5/21/2010,11:00 AM,5/21/2010,,false,(:10) - Saturday Morning Sports Talk.,5/22/2010,08:00 AM,5/22/2010,,false,(:10) - The Emporium.,5/22/2010,09:00 AM,5/22/2010,,false,"- Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Lee Beran Recreation Center for the annual ""Touch A Truck"" event.",5/22/2010,10:00 AM,5/22/2010,11:30 AM,false,NM - Hartford High Principal Curtis Simons discusses the Don Roberts Memorial Scholarship and a fundraising sticker now available.,5/24/2010,07:15 AM,5/24/2010,,false,- Roger Heineken previews an unveiling ceremony May 29 at Eastside Park.,5/24/2010,08:15 AM,5/24/2010,,false,(:35) - Community Theatre Director Nancy Boyce discusses summer auditions.,5/24/2010,08:30 AM,5/24/2010,,false,"(:05) TALK - Sondra Burden, Melissa Rich and DeLano Mendoza discuss the Sondra Burden School of Performing Arts. Host: Chuck Samples.",5/24/2010,11:00 AM,5/24/2010,,false,NM - Chuck Torres discusses an Olpe Lions Club fundraiser May 26 and the work of the club.,5/25/2010,07:15 AM,5/25/2010,,false,- Representatives of the Hartford and Neosho Rapids senior centers discuss their centers respective activities and community impact.
6:45am Emporia Police Lt. John Koeslch on the Law Enforcement Torch Run, June 2 & 3.
7:15am NM - Erin Reece discusses the availability of free insurance to certain students getting free or reduced school lunches.
8:15am Tracy Graham on the Emporia Farmer's Market Soup fundraiser, May 26.
11:00am TALK - Karen Hartenbower and Julie Govert-Walter discuss a Friendship Center fundraiser June 19. Host: TBD.
7:15am NM - Bob Haselhuhn previews the Tallgrass Big Band performance at the Granada on May 29.
7:15am NM - LCAT Manager Ken Barrows previews an expansion of bus service across the county.
8:15am EAC Director Melissa Windsor on Summer Programs and a Hair Dryer drive.
11:00am ESU Associate Athletic Director Shane Shively will preview next weekends ESU Athletics Auction and Golf tournament.,5/28/2010,08:30 AM,5/28/2010,,false,TALK - Local artist Terry Maxwell previews Art in the Garden. Host: Jeff ODell.
6:45pm Chase County Softball vs. Inman, 2-1A State Softball Tournament.
11:00am Scott Hayes will broadcast live from Rent-to-Own Center on Country 101.7 and Mix 104.9. Visit us for your chance to win Royals Tickets and T-shirts.
6:30am NM - Ron Whitney outlines Emporias Memorial Day services.,5/31/2010,07:15 AM,5/31/2010,,false,"NM - David Traylor Zoo Director Lisa Keith discusses the second annual ""Stroll and Show"" series.",6/1/2010,07:15 AM,6/1/2010,,false,- Dirty Kanza 200 organizer Jim Cummings previews the June 5 event.,6/1/2010,08:15 AM,6/1/2010,,false,(:35) - Law Enforcement Torch Run participant John Koelsch has last-minute details on the Emporia leg of the event.,6/2/2010,06:30 AM,6/2/2010,,false,NM - NRH Foundation Director Jodi Heermann on the first Denim and Diamonds fundraiser June 18.,6/2/2010,07:15 AM,6/2/2010,,false,- Hunt 4 Hunger organizer Chuck Gardner discusses summer activities for the fundraising group.,6/2/2010,08:15 AM,6/2/2010,,false,TALK - Flint Hills Rodeo Association members preview the annual event. Host: TBD.,6/2/2010,11:00 AM,6/2/2010,,false,(:35) EPD Lt. John Koelsch previews todays Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run parade in downtown Emporia.
7:15am NM - Flint Hills Rodeo Association representative Linda Starkey preview the annual rodeo in Strong City.
8:15am - ESU Associate Athletics Director Shane Shively previews the ESU Athletics auction Friday and golf tournament Saturday.
7:15am NM - Anna George discusses Sundays on the Porch at the William Allen White State Historic Site.
8:15am - Art In The Garden organizer Terry Maxwell discusses the annual event.
10:00am TALK - Fire Marshal Tom Andrews joins us.
11:00am TALK - Dirty Kanza Bike Ride. Host: TBD.
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