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December 2010
7:30am NM - Bob Haselhuhn previews the Tallgrass Big Bands dinner and dance event Dec. 17.,11/30/2010,07:15 AM,11/30/2010,,false,- Diane Tebbetts updates the Support our Kansas Troops care package drive.,11/30/2010,08:15 AM,11/30/2010,,false,(:35) - Outgoing Sheriff Gary Eichorn reclects on his career in law enforcement.,11/30/2010,08:30 AM,11/30/2010,,false,14 KVOE covers the annual Christmas parade from the Granada Theatre.,11/30/2010,07:00 PM,11/30/2010,,false,NM - Community Relations Coordinator Lori Moore discusses the SOS Holiday Drive.,12/1/2010,07:15 AM,12/1/2010,,false,(:40) - TFI Family Services spokesman Steven Fuller has a last-minute update on the agencys auction tonight.
8:15am - The EHS Brass Choir joins us to play holiday tunes.
10:00am BLOG
11:00am TALK - Emporia Public Library Director Sue Blechl joins us.
7:30am (:05) - Gov. Mark Parkinson appears duirng the newscast to discuss the Lady Hornet basketball teams national title and his time in office.,12/1/2010,04:00 PM,12/1/2010,,false,(:10) SPORTS - ESU basketball vs. Northwest Missouri. Womens tip at 5:30 pm. Mens tip at 7:30 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.,12/1/2010,05:00 PM,12/1/2010,,false,NM - Arts Council Director Melissa Windsor looks at the new Arts Center and Art Gifts.,12/2/2010,07:15 AM,12/2/2010,,false,(:40) - Emporia High basketball coaches Bill Nienstedt and Beau Welch discuss a meet-and-greet fundraiser at Gambinos tonight.
7:15am NM - Granada Theatre Director Jessica Buchholz and Main Street Director Casey Woods preview the second Bridal and Prom Expo on Jan. 2.
8:15am (:25) - Jeremy Starr and Dr. Carol Krieger preview Sunday's combined concert featuring the ESU A Cappella Choir, ESU Community Chorus and Emporia Symphony Orchestra.
11:00am TALK - Steve Hanschu previews the Lyon County Historical Society Holiday Homes Tour Dec. 4-5.
7:30pm SPORTS - Emporia High girls basketball vs. Lawrence Free State. Emporia High boys basketball at Leavenworth.
8:00am (:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com
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5:00pm (:10) SPORTS - ESU basketball vs. Missouri Western. Womens tip at 5:30 pm. Mens tip at 7:30 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.
7:15am NM - Damon Leiss previews the Delane Drive Toy Drop on Dec. 11-12.
8:15am - U.S. Senator-elect Jerry Moran appears before holding a town hall meeting in Emporia on Dec. 7.
8:30am (:35) - Courtney Gagan discusses DRRC activities.
10:00am MMQB
10:00am Monday Morning Quarterback
11:00am - 11:30am ERC Chair Roger Hartsook
talks about options and
projects for the ERC.
7:15am NM - Brad Harzman previews the Army Reserve Band concert Dec. 12 at the Granada Theatre.
7:15am NM - Postmaster Roger Clark discusses holiday mailing deadlines.
10:00am BLOG
11:00am TALK - Main Street Director Casey Woods discusses projects.
5:00pm (:10) SPORTS - ESU basketball vs. Nebraska-Omaha. Womens tip at 5:30 pm. Mens tip at 7:30 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.
8:30am (:35) - Diane Tebbetts puts a wrap on the 2010 Support our Kansas Troops care package drive.
5:30pm (:40) SPORTS - Hartford basketball at Olpe. Girls tip at 6 pm. Boys tip at 7:30 pm on Country 101.7 FM.
8:00am (:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com
9:00am (:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE
5:30pm (:40) - ESU basketball at Central Missouri. Womens tip at 6 pm. Mens tip at 8 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.
7:15am NM - We preview the Flinthills Mall Bake-Off competition.
10:00am MMQB
11:00am TALK - New Sheriff Jeff Cope talks about the transition to his new position.
7:15am NM - Emporia High music teacher Sarah Bays previews the Seasonal Celebration on Dec. 15-16.
8:15am Dr. Jennifer Thomas discusses foods that can help you avoid colds and the flu.
5:30pm (:40) SPORTS - Madison basketball at Lebo. Girls tip at 6 pm. Boys tip at 7:30 pm on Country 101.7 FM.
2:30pm NM - Municipal Band Director Gary McCarty previews the EMBs Christmas concert Dec. 19.,12/15/2010,07:15 AM,12/15/2010,,false,- Aging Services Director Doug Stueve discusses special sign-up activities for Medicare Part D.,12/15/2010,08:15 AM,12/15/2010,,false,BLOG - Emporia Reps. Don Hill and Peggy Mast take your questions.,12/15/2010,10:00 AM,12/15/2010,,false,TALK - Main Street Director Casey Woods and Granada Theatre Director Jessica Buchholz preview the Bridal and Prom Expo on Jan. 2.,12/15/2010,11:00 AM,12/15/2010,,false,"NM - Rex Williams discusses the annual Playhouse Project, which benefits Camp Alexander this year.",12/16/2010,07:15 AM,12/16/2010,,false,NM - FHTC President Dr. Dean Hollenbeck discusses graduation ceremonies.,12/17/2010,07:15 AM,12/17/2010,,false,(:35) - Kevin Nelson previews special activities this weekend to celebrate 50 years of EHS wrestling.,12/17/2010,08:30 AM,12/17/2010,,false,"TALK - Current United Way drive chair Dean Hollenbeck, past chairs Jennell Tebbetts and Connie Cahoone and UW Director Jami Reever discuss the current campaign.",12/17/2010,11:00 AM,12/17/2010,,false,(:40) SPORTS - Olpe basketball at Madison. Girls tip at 6 pm. Boys tip at 7:30 pm on Country 101.7 FM.,12/17/2010,05:30 PM,12/17/2010,,false,SPORTS - Emporia High basketball at Topeka High. Girls tip at 6 pm. Boys tip at 730 pm on 14 KVOE and KVOE.com.,12/17/2010,05:45 PM,12/17/2010,,false,(:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com,12/18/2010,08:00 AM,12/18/2010,,false,"(:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE",12/18/2010,09:00 AM,12/18/2010,,false,(:10) - ESU basketball at Truman. Womens tip at 5:30 pm. Mens tip at 7:30 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.,12/18/2010,05:00 PM,12/18/2010,,false,NM - Susan Riley discusses Senior Center needs and upcoming activities.,12/20/2010,07:15 AM,12/20/2010,,false,MMQB,12/20/2010,10:00 AM,12/20/2010,,false,TALK - Jason Goeckler of Kansas Wildlife and Parks discusses a zebra mussel infestation in Council Grove Lake.,12/20/2010,11:00 AM,12/20/2010,,false,NM - Granada Theatre Director Jessica Buchholz discuses the second annual Bridal and Prom Expo on Jan. 2 and sponsored by KVOE.,12/21/2010,07:15 AM,12/21/2010,,false,- We draw the Playhouse Project winner on 14 KVOE and KVOE.com. Proceeds benefit Camp Alexanders kitchen remodel project.
11:00am NM - Hunt 4 Hunger Director Chuck Gardner previews the charitys annual hunt Jan. 6-9.,12/22/2010,07:15 AM,12/22/2010,,false,- Big Brothers Big Sisters Director Jessica Hopkins discusses the 79 Funds shoe-buying event for area kids at Browns Shoe Fit.,12/22/2010,08:15 AM,12/22/2010,,false,(:35) - Jesse Solis talks about a donation to local veterans groups.,12/22/2010,08:30 AM,12/22/2010,,false,BLOG,12/22/2010,10:00 AM,12/22/2010,,false,TALK - Santa Claus takes your Christmas wishes.,12/22/2010,11:00 AM,12/22/2010,,false,NM - Trudy Hutchinson discusses the Hetlinger capital campaign and associated tax credits.,12/23/2010,07:15 AM,12/23/2010,,false,- Emporia Postmaster Roger Clark discusses his carer with his upcoming retirement this month.,12/23/2010,08:15 AM,12/23/2010,,false,NM - EPD officers give tips on reducing you risk of a post-Christmas theft.,12/24/2010,07:15 AM,12/24/2010,,false,(:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com,12/25/2010,08:00 AM,12/25/2010,,false,"(:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE",12/25/2010,09:00 AM,12/25/2010,,false,Talk of Emporia. Emporian Diane Gladow
talks about a book she
has written.,12/25/2010,11:00 AM,12/25/2010,,false,Solid Waste Supervisor Keith Senn discusses plans for Christmas tree disposal and post-Christmas trash removal.,12/27/2010,07:15 AM,12/27/2010,,false,MMQB,12/27/2010,10:00 AM,12/27/2010,,false,TALK - Lyon County Extension agriculture agent Brian Rees is our guest.,12/27/2010,11:00 AM,12/27/2010,,false,NM - Rollie Martin updates progress on the Lyon County Fairgrounds improvement plan.,12/28/2010,07:15 AM,12/28/2010,,false,- 1 pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from Genesis Health Club on Country 101.7 FM and Mix 104.9 FM.,12/28/2010,11:00 AM,12/28/2010,,false,NM - Assistant City Manager Mark McAnarney and Municipal Golf Course Manager Marcus Erkel discuss changes to course operations.,12/29/2010,07:15 AM,12/29/2010,,false,BLOG,12/29/2010,10:00 AM,12/29/2010,,false,TALK - Trudy Hutchinson discusses Hetlingers ongoing capital campaign.
7:15am NM - Terry Turner previews the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Convention on Jan. 6-7.
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