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January 2010
7:15am NM - Lyon County Appraiser Gary Post outlines a new parcel search program.
11:00am TOE (:05) - Our guests discuss Lyon County Historical Society programs.
7:15am NMN - Emporia Police Chief Gary Smith discusses a city-federal initiative to reduce firearms violence in town.
7:15am NM - Jessica Buchholz and Casey Woods have a late update on the Bridal and Prom Expo on Jan. 3.
10:00am OAB (:05) - Emporia Reps. Don Hill and Peggy Mast join Steve Sauder.
11:00am TOE (:05) - Emporia Public Library Director Sue Blechl joins us.
7:15am NM - Rescue Mission Director Dr. Lee Alderman discusses improvements to the Abundant Harvest food kitchen and preparations for the annual Feinstein Challenge.
10:00am No Newsmaker or Talk of Emporia because of New Years Day.,1/1/2010,07:00 AM,1/1/2010,,false,NM - USD 252 South Lyon County Superintendent Mike Argabright discusses district options in light of state budget cuts.,1/4/2010,07:15 AM,1/4/2010,,false,- Lyon County Health Department spokesperson Erin Reece looks ahead to the latest H1N1 vaccination clinic on Jan. 4.,1/4/2010,08:15 AM,1/4/2010,,false,TOE (:05) - Susan Riley of the Emporia Senior Center joins us.,1/4/2010,11:00 AM,1/4/2010,,false,NM - USD 245 South Coffey County Superintendent Mike Kastle looks at steps taken to handle state budget cuts.,1/5/2010,07:15 AM,1/5/2010,,false,NM - Local vintner Terry Turner previews the Kansas Grape Growers and Wine Makers convention on Jan. 8-9.,1/6/2010,07:15 AM,1/6/2010,,false,OAB (:05) - Newman Regional CEO Bob Driewer discusses the hopitals financial concerns and plans to recruit more physicians.
11:00am TOE (:05) - Courtney Gagan of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills is our guest.
7:15am NM - USD 284 Chase County Superintendent Greg Markowitz reviews district options after state cuts.
7:15am NM - USD 251 North Lyon County Superintendent Mike Nulton on district options after state budget cuts.
8:15am - Organizer Terry Turner has a last-minute update on the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers convention in Emporia on Jan. 8-9.
8:15am - Organizer Terry Turner has a last-minute update on the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers convention in Emporia on Jan. 8-9.
11:00am TOE (:05) - Rachael LeClear of Flint Hills will discuss Community Connections classes.
7:15am NM - USD 420 Osage City Superintendent William Orth continues our special series, When Education and Budget Cuts Collide.
11:00am TOE (:05) - Lyon County Health Department environmentalist Ann Mayo is our guest.
7:15am NM - USD 253 Emporia Superintendent Dr. John Heim looks at district options after state cuts.
6:45am - Ray Toso discusses a donation from Coca-Cola to the Clint Bowyer 79 Fund.
7:15am NM - USD 456 Superintendent Daryl Finch discusses the districts status in light of ongoing budget cuts.,1/13/2010,07:15 AM,1/13/2010,,false,OAB (:06) - Corner House Director Sarah Riley-Hansen is our guest.,1/13/2010,10:00 AM,1/13/2010,,false,"TOE (:05) - We get a United Way fundraising update from current drive chair Jennell Tebbetts and 2008 chair Connie Cahoone, along with representatives Aisha Raines and June Hubert.",1/13/2010,11:00 AM,1/13/2010,,false,NM - USD 386 Madison-Virgil Superintendent Ryan Bradbury on the districts financial situation after five rounds of state budget adjustments.
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