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June 2010
6:30am NM - Ron Whitney outlines Emporias Memorial Day services.,5/31/2010,07:15 AM,5/31/2010,,false,"NM - David Traylor Zoo Director Lisa Keith discusses the second annual ""Stroll and Show"" series.",6/1/2010,07:15 AM,6/1/2010,,false,- Dirty Kanza 200 organizer Jim Cummings previews the June 5 event.,6/1/2010,08:15 AM,6/1/2010,,false,(:35) - Law Enforcement Torch Run participant John Koelsch has last-minute details on the Emporia leg of the event.,6/2/2010,06:30 AM,6/2/2010,,false,NM - NRH Foundation Director Jodi Heermann on the first Denim and Diamonds fundraiser June 18.,6/2/2010,07:15 AM,6/2/2010,,false,- Hunt 4 Hunger organizer Chuck Gardner discusses summer activities for the fundraising group.,6/2/2010,08:15 AM,6/2/2010,,false,TALK - Flint Hills Rodeo Association members preview the annual event. Host: TBD.,6/2/2010,11:00 AM,6/2/2010,,false,(:35) EPD Lt. John Koelsch previews todays Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run parade in downtown Emporia.
7:15am NM - Flint Hills Rodeo Association representative Linda Starkey preview the annual rodeo in Strong City.
8:15am - ESU Associate Athletics Director Shane Shively previews the ESU Athletics auction Friday and golf tournament Saturday.
7:15am NM - Anna George discusses Sundays on the Porch at the William Allen White State Historic Site.
8:15am - Art In The Garden organizer Terry Maxwell discusses the annual event.
10:00am TALK - Fire Marshal Tom Andrews joins us.
11:00am TALK - Dirty Kanza Bike Ride. Host: TBD.
7:15am Join us at Bruffs for the ESU Athletics Auction.,6/4/2010,07:00 PM,6/4/2010,,false,8:10 - Sportstalk will be broadcast live from the ESU Athletics Golf Tournament.,6/5/2010,08:00 AM,6/5/2010,,false,NM - Olpe Mayor Jerry Tempelmeyer discusses the towns water project and water rates.
8:15am - Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame inductee Carolyn Kuhn discusses her induction into the Hall on June 5.
11:00am TALK - ESU Theatre previews Are We There Yet?
7:15am NM - Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator Rick Frevert and Emporia Police Lt. John Koelsch discuss the citys severe weather protocol.,6/8/2010,07:15 AM,6/8/2010,,false,"- Camp Alexander Director Damon Leiss previews an ""Experience Paradise"" event at the camp on June 10.",6/8/2010,08:15 AM,6/8/2010,,false,(:35) - Dirty Kanza 200 organizer Kristi Mohn reviews the event and looks ahead to next year.,6/8/2010,08:30 AM,6/8/2010,,false,NM - Hunt 4 Hunger chair Chuck Gardner outlines the groups summer events.
8:15am - Police Chief Gary Smith discusses a police media relations reception June 10.
7:15am (:35) - Recreation Commission Director Tom McEvoy discusses the ERCs mil levy request for USD 253.,6/9/2010,08:30 AM,6/9/2010,,false,BLOG,6/9/2010,10:00 AM,6/9/2010,,false,TALK - Rachael LeClear discusses Community Connections classes.,6/9/2010,11:00 AM,6/9/2010,,false,NM - Renell Schroeder previews Madison Days.,6/10/2010,07:15 AM,6/10/2010,,false,GARDEN - Amy Jordan takes your plant-related questions.,6/10/2010,11:00 AM,6/10/2010,,false,NM - Outgoing ESU Director of Choral Activities Terry Barham looks back at the A Cappella Choirs trip to England and his career.
8:15am - Sue Smith previews the Flint Hills Folk Life Festival in Cottonwood Falls on June 12-13.
8:30am (:35) FHCHC spokesperson Renee Hively discusses an effort to immunize your children early this summer rather than right before school starts.
11:00am TALK - Amy Jordan previews the Garden Tour.
8:00am Saturday Morning Sports Talk
9:00am Emporium
7:15am NM - Dr. Tim Harris discusses skin cancer and a free screening clinic June 17.
8:30am (:35) - Symphony in the Flint Hills Director Emily Hunter reviews the annual event.
11:00am 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at the Emporia Gazette
11:00am TALK - Emporia Fire Chief Jack Taylor.
7:15am NM - Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat outlines new precinct locations and polling places.
8:15am - Emporia City Engineer spokesman John Proehl looks at the ongoing downtown water main project.
7:15am NM - NTHF Director of Induction and Recognition Jenny Harder previews the annual induction ceremonies.
8:15am - Farmers Market Manager Tracey Graham previews the start of Wednesday markets in downtown Emporia.
8:30am (:35) - SOS Community Relations Coordinator Lori Moore discusses the first Child Abuse Prevention Summit set for July.
10:00am BLOG
11:00am 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Graves Drug
11:00am TALK - Emporia Arts Council Director Melissa Windsor.
8:30am NM - Jennifer Bennett discusses the Emporia Master Gardeners Garden Tour on June 19.,6/17/2010,07:15 AM,6/17/2010,,false,- Yvonne Gardner previews the Flinthills Gobblers National Wild Turkey Federation banquet June 19.,6/17/2010,08:15 AM,6/17/2010,,false,(:35) - Corey Hopkins previews the Hospice Care of Kansas Veterans Appreciation Breakfast at the Emporia Senior Center on June 18.
11:00am GARDEN - Lyon County Horticulturist Amy Jordan answers your plant questions.
3:00pm 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Browns Shoe Fit,6/17/2010,11:00 AM,6/17/2010,,false,3 to 5 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Lyon County Area Transportation (LCAT)
7:15am NM - Outgoing Lyon County Appraiser Gary Post looks back at his career.
5:00pm (:10) - Whats In Outdoors with Tyler Trahoon.,6/18/2010,08:00 AM,6/18/2010,,false,- ESU Health Promotions Professor Dr. Jennifer Thomas discusses healthy eating habits.,6/18/2010,08:15 AM,6/18/2010,,false,11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Dicks Business Machines,6/18/2010,11:00 AM,6/18/2010,,false,TALK - National Teachers Hall of Fame inductees discuss their careers and the changing field of education.,6/18/2010,11:00 AM,6/18/2010,,false,5 to 7 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at the Granada Theatre
11:00am Newman Regional Health Foundations Denim & Diamonds fundraiser. Emporia Country Club - 8 to 11 pm,6/18/2010,08:00 PM,6/18/2010,,false,11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Mattress & Appliance Outlet
7:15am 2 to 4 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Carpet Plus,6/19/2010,02:00 PM,6/19/2010,,false,NM - Diana Kuhlmann discusses activities surrounding St. Joseph Churchs 125th anniversary in Olpe.
8:15am - Stacy Flanner discusses the Trusler Foundation donation to Hetlinger Developmental Services for the Everyday Heroes capital campaign.
11:00am 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Williams Automotive
11:00am TALK - ESU Theatre previews Almost Maine.
7:15am NM - Max McCoy previews the Tallgrass Writing Workshop on June 25-27.
11:00am - Town Crier Bookstore owner Becky Smith looks ahead to the stores big author book-signing event June 26.,6/22/2010,08:15 AM,6/22/2010,,false,(:35) - Municipal Band Director Gary McCarty previews the Army National Guard Band performance at Fremont Park tonight.,6/22/2010,08:30 AM,6/22/2010,,false,NM - Martin Cuellar highlights a special concert at Grace United Methodist Church on June 27.,6/23/2010,07:15 AM,6/23/2010,,false,- Kansas NEA President Blake West discusses budget cuts and the risk they pose to education.,6/23/2010,08:15 AM,6/23/2010,,false,BLOG - On Air Blog with Steve Sauder.,6/23/2010,10:00 AM,6/23/2010,,false,11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Clark Carpet & Tile
11:00am TALK - Barb Muensch joins Roger Hartsook.
8:15am NM - David Traylor Zoo Director Lisa Keith and Emporia Friends of the Zoo member John Korsak discuss the zoos annual open house June 27.,6/24/2010,07:15 AM,6/24/2010,,false,- Town Crier owner Becky Smith on the stores book-signing event June 26.
8:30am (:35) Vicky Brooks previews the annual NRH Babysitting Clinic.
4:30pm 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies,6/24/2010,11:00 AM,6/24/2010,,false,4:30 to 6:30 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at AKA - The Sports Fan
7:15am NM - EPD Lt. John Koelsch and Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator Rick Frevert discuss tornado siren protocol.
10:00am - Whats In Outdoors with Tyler Trahoon.,6/25/2010,08:15 AM,6/25/2010,,false,10 to Noon - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Town Crier Bookstore
1:00pm 1 to 3 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Express Tire & Auto,6/25/2010,01:00 PM,6/25/2010,,false,11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Mr. Gs Carwash,6/26/2010,11:00 AM,6/26/2010,,false,1 to 3 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot Promotion at Emporia Zoo sponsored by ESB Financial
7:15am NM - Matt Slater updates the Twin Rivers Festival.
8:15am - ESU President Dr. Mike Lane on MIAA expansion, tuition increases and the National Teachers Hall of Fame.
11:00am TALK - Boomer Entreprenuers author Mary Izard talks about starting over.
8:15am - Admire Mayor Rich Gould discusses the theft of a World War II memorial sundial from Admire Elementary.
8:15am NM - Tina Andrews and Joe Endres preview the second annual KVOE/Bruffs Steak Challenge.
10:00am 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at First Start Rental,6/29/2010,11:00 AM,6/29/2010,,false,NM - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve spokesperson Heather Brown details July 4 activities at the preserve.,6/30/2010,07:15 AM,6/30/2010,,false,- Flint Hills Optimist pyrotechnician Bernie Toso previews the July 4 fireworks show.,6/30/2010,08:15 AM,6/30/2010,,false,(:35) David Traylor Zoo Director Lisa Keith discusses the theft of donation equipment from the zoo.,6/30/2010,08:30 AM,6/30/2010,,false,BLOG - Outgoing USD 253 Superintendent John Heim talks about his tenure in Emporia and his new position with the Kansas Association of School Boards.,6/30/2010,10:00 AM,6/30/2010,,false,10 to Noon - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at Kansasland Tire
11:00am TALK - Corner House representatives detail the Mother-Child project and the search for a new executive director.
7:15am NM - Assistant County Engineer Jim Brull on flooding damage assessment, pending FEMA visits, potential for federal aid and road repair timeline.
8:15am - Fireworks show pyrotechnician Bernie Toso has fireworks safety tips and highlights the contribution of the 79 Fund to the event.
8:30am (:35) Emporia High Band Director Bob Haselhuhn looks ahead to the band's trip to Washington, D.C., for the national capital's annual July 4 parade.
11:00am GARDEN - Amy Jordan answers questions about cottonwood trees and other plant concerns.
5:00pm 5-7 pm - Join us out at Riley Fireworks and stock up on your July 4th fireworks. Broadcast live on KVOE AM and Country 101.7
7:15am NM - Emporia Police Officer Jim Tilton, Emporia Fire Chief Jack Taylor and Emporia State spokesman Mark Runge discuss the annual fireworks show.
8:15am (:20) - Twin Rivers Festival organizer Matt Slater has a last-minute look at the July 4 event.
11:00am - Whats In Outdoors with Tyler Trahoon,7/2/2010,08:15 AM,7/2/2010,,false,(:35) Corner House board member Ray Rogers details the Mother-Child Project.,7/2/2010,08:30 AM,7/2/2010,,false,"TALK - ESU Theatre previews ""Unnecessary Farce.""",7/2/2010,11:00 AM,7/2/2010,,false,11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at Hostess Brands
2:00pm 11 to 1 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at Sears,7/3/2010,11:00 AM,7/3/2010,,false,2 to 4 - Sizzlin Summer Jackpot at Sutherlands
12:30pm -2 KVOE broadcasts from the booth festival portion of the Twin Rivers Festival.
6:00pm -10:30 KVOE broadcasts live from the July 4 fireworks show at ESU.
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