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August 2010
7:15am - Lyon County Commission Chair Scott Briggs outlines the countys budget situation.,7/26/2010,08:15 AM,7/26/2010,,false,(:35) - City Manager Matt Zimmerman discusses the current 2011 budget projections.,7/26/2010,08:30 AM,7/26/2010,,false,TALK - Barb Rourk and George Milton preview the Senior Games.,7/26/2010,11:00 AM,7/26/2010,,false,NM - Bill Ballard previews this falls Crop Walk.
10:00am FORUM - 60th District House candidates Dan Buller and Don Hill appear.
7:15am NM - Lyon County Extension agent Rhonda Gordon previews the 2010 Lyon County Fair.
10:00am FORUM - Members of Emporians for Growth outline their push to renew a sales tax for industrial development and property tax relief.
11:00am TALK - Emporia Christian School leadership previews upcoming activities.
7:15am NM - Ray Terrell discusses Shrine Bowl activities in Emporia this week.
11:00am GARDEN - Amy Jordan takes your plant-related questions.
5:00pm -7 pm Chuck Samples broadcasts live from the Lyon County Fair. Main events: wristband night at the carnival, Pee Wee Open Rodeo, Antique Tractor Pull.
7:15am NM - Barbara Schlobohm previews upcoming fundraisers to benefit cancer patient Kristin Karr-Morgan.
8:30am - Whats In Outdoors with Tyler Trahoon.,7/30/2010,08:15 AM,7/30/2010,,false,(:25) - Earl Williams discusses a youth basketball fundraiser July 31.,7/30/2010,08:15 AM,7/30/2010,,false,-7 pm Chuck Samples broadcasts live from the Lyon County Fair. Main event: Truck and Tractor Pull.,7/30/2010,05:00 PM,7/30/2010,,false,SPORTS TALK - ESU football coach Garin Higgins and Vintage Baseball Game organizer George Milton join us.,7/31/2010,08:00 AM,7/31/2010,,false,EMPORIUM,7/31/2010,09:00 AM,7/31/2010,,false,NM - Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat previews the Aug. 3 primary.,8/2/2010,07:15 AM,8/2/2010,,false,"- Courtney Gagan outlines the Healthier Community Alliances Hair Affair on Aug. 8.,8/2/2010,08:15 AM,8/2/2010,,false,-noon Chuck Samples broadcasts live from Tanner's Carpet on 14 KVOE.,8/2/2010,11:00 AM,8/2/2010,,false,TALK - Kelsey Ortiz of the Flint Hills Adult Education Center discusses the centers mission, objectives and goals.",8/2/2010,11:00 AM,8/2/2010,,false,"-7pm Aaron David broadcasts live from the Lyon County Fair. Main events: wristband night at the carnival, Horse Pull.",8/2/2010,05:00 PM,8/2/2010,,false,NM - Shiloh Home administrator Carol Alderman discusses the formation of a new homeless shelter for families.,8/3/2010,07:15 AM,8/3/2010,,false,(:35) - National Teachers Hall of Fame Board of Directors President Dr. Mike Lane discusses the Halls future.
5:00pm -9pm Chuck Samples and Aaron David broadcast live from the Lyon County Fair. Main event: Buck Rumble and Roll.
8:30am ELECTION - Chuck Samples and Jeff ODell bring you returns and reactions from the 2010 primary.,8/3/2010,07:00 PM,8/3/2010,,false,NM - Flint Hills Beef Fest board members preview the annual event.,8/4/2010,07:15 AM,8/4/2010,,false,(:35) - Terri Brooks of the Friendship Center outlines cooling needs at the Center and has a progress report on fundraising.,8/4/2010,08:30 AM,8/4/2010,,false,BLOG,8/4/2010,10:00 AM,8/4/2010,,false,TALK - Jim Kessler discusses Habitat for Humanity.,8/4/2010,11:00 AM,8/4/2010,,false,"-9pm Scott Hayes and Aaron David broadcast live from the Lyon County Fair on 14 KVOE. Main events: wristband night at the carnival, Livestock Sale.",8/4/2010,05:00 PM,8/4/2010,,false,NM - United Way drive chair Dean Hollenbeck looks ahead to the Pacesetter campaign and the general fundraising drive.,8/5/2010,07:15 AM,8/5/2010,,false,(:35) - Camp Alexander Director Damon Leiss previews Schools Out camps.
11:00am GARDEN - Amy Jordan answers your plant questions.
5:00pm -7pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Lyon County Fair. Main event: 4-H Rodeo.
12:00am TOE Rec Commission Director Tom McEvoy
talks about future projects.
7:15am NM - Social Security District Manager Shawn Cole previews an Aug. 9 event to celebrate Social Securitys 75th anniversary.,8/6/2010,07:15 AM,8/6/2010,,false,TALK - Rachael LeClear of Flint Hills Community Connections discusses upcoming class offerings.,8/6/2010,11:00 AM,8/6/2010,,false,SPORTS TALK - Emporia High football coach Dusty Delaney joins us.,8/7/2010,08:00 AM,8/7/2010,,false,EMPORIUM,8/7/2010,09:00 AM,8/7/2010,,false,NM - Lyon County Controller Dan Slater previews the countys budget hearing Aug. 9.
8:15am - Lyon County Extension agent Corinne Patterson reveals the Lyon County Fair Scavenger Hunt winners.
7:15am NM - Emporia City Manager Matt Zimmerman previews the citys budget hearing Aug. 10.,8/10/2010,07:15 AM,8/10/2010,,false,- ESU Health Promotions Professor Dr. Jennifer Thomas discusses the dos and donts of sugar.,8/10/2010,08:15 AM,8/10/2010,,false,NM - Stacy Hammon previews an Emporia High football booster auction Aug. 13.,8/11/2010,07:15 AM,8/11/2010,,false,8:15 - Nancy Boyce joins us to announce a team name and talk about upcoming activities for the Lyon County Historical Society,8/11/2010,08:15 AM,8/11/2010,,false,BLOG,8/11/2010,10:00 AM,8/11/2010,,false,TALK - William Allen White State Historic Site Coordinator Nick Gronseth and William Allen White Community Partnership members Roger Heineken and Sally Conard discuss the rescheduled carnival and upcoming fall schedule at Red Rocks.,8/11/2010,11:00 AM,8/11/2010,,false,NM - Emporia Police Lt. Scott Cronk previews National Night Out on Aug. 14.,8/12/2010,07:15 AM,8/12/2010,,false,"ESU Cross Country/Track & Field Coach Dave Harris previews the 2nd Annual Twilight 5K Road Race, August 14.",8/12/2010,08:15 AM,8/12/2010,,false,GARDEN - Amy Jordan fields your questions about plants of all kinds.,8/12/2010,11:00 AM,8/12/2010,,false,NM - United Way Director Jami Reever looks back at her first year on the job and discusses whats ahead for the organization.
8:15am Kerry Wallace discusses the Bluestem Swingers Mid-Summer Casual Dance, Aug. 15.
11:00am TALK - Flint Hills Beef Fest members preview the upcoming event.
7:15am NM - Flint Hills Beef Fest board members preview upcoming activities.
11:00am TALK - We preview Beau Arndt Outdoors Day taking place Sept. 25.
1:30pm - 3:30 pm - Chuck Samples broadcasts live from the ESU Rec Fest on Mix 104.9 FM.
7:15am NM - Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator Rick Frevert previews Tuesday nights COAD Community Kickoff.,8/17/2010,07:15 AM,8/17/2010,,false,-9 pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from the Hornet Block Party on Country 101.7 FM and Mix 104.9 FM.,8/17/2010,06:00 PM,8/17/2010,,false,NM - Laurie Schmidt previews the St Joseph School barbecue event Sept. 5.,8/18/2010,07:15 AM,8/18/2010,,false,BLOG - USD 253 Interim Superintendent Theresa Davidson is our guest.,8/18/2010,10:00 AM,8/18/2010,,false,TALK - Humane Society of the Flint Hills Director Judy Dieker and board member Alex Johnston discuss upcoming dog obedience classes and a doghouse build project.,8/18/2010,11:00 AM,8/18/2010,,false,NM - Tonya Carson previews the Hunt 4 Hunger fundraising concert Aug. 27 featuring Pete Gile.,8/19/2010,07:15 AM,8/19/2010,,false,- Ron Stone previews the Strong City Truck and Tractor Pull this weekend.,8/19/2010,08:15 AM,8/19/2010,,false,GARDEN - Amy Jordan takes your plant questions.,8/19/2010,11:00 AM,8/19/2010,,false,NM - Emporia Police Lt. Larry Clay discusses traffic enforcement matters.,8/20/2010,07:15 AM,8/20/2010,,false,TALK - Susan Rathke previews the All-Veterans Tribute Golf Tournament.,8/20/2010,11:00 AM,8/20/2010,,false,"SPORTS - ESU volleyball coach Bing Xu, ESU volleyball players and KU football broadcaster David Lawrence join us.",8/21/2010,08:00 AM,8/21/2010,,false,EMPORIUM,8/21/2010,09:00 AM,8/21/2010,,false,NM - Olpe Mayor Jerry Templemeyer on the towns water tower replacement project.
11:00am TALK - FHTC Foundation Director Mike Crouch updates progress on the Jones House and looks ahead to Foundation projects.
12:15pm -1 pm ESU - Greg Rahe brings you Hornet Talk from Bruffs Sports Bar and Grill.
7:15am NM - Eleanor Browning and Janice Romiser discuss the Read to Your Bunny program.
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