Southern California Transit Advocates
Calendar of Events & Meetings

Note: Meeting dates for agency boards are based on their normal schedule (i.e., fourth Thursday of the month, every other Monday, etc.) and are subject to change as we receive their agendas and notices. It is suggested that you doublecheck a few days beforehand if you plan on attending a meeting. This is especially the case between the week of Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Public hearings, public meetings, and public events sponsored by transit agencies are highlighted in blue.
Meetings of (and events sponsored by) non-profit organizations are highlighted in green.
Conferences held across multiple days are highlighted in pink.
So.CA.TA events are highlighted in yellow.

Send corrections or additions to Dana Gabbard.

Acronyms and abbreviations used for agency names in the calendar are identified at the bottom of the page.

June/July 2017
Independence Day
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