Monday, December 2 2019
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Statistics Seminar
Enabling Successful Data Science

Data Science is the practice of processing and analyzing data to facilitate successful decision making. A successful data scientist must have both technical (data and analytic) skills as well as business acumen.  Prior to acquiring and analyzing the data, the data scientist must have a goal in mind.  How will the results be used?  What question(s) are being asked of the business or academic pursuit?  Once these are identified, the relevant data elements are then selected.  It is critical that one choose any and all data that may have a relationship to the problem being investigated.  The data are organized to be analytically ready.  This means one record per observation.  The data can then be summarized, subsetted, transformed, and analyzed using generic data processing and statistical tools.  We will call these results information.  From there, the information can be converted into knowledge through the use of business rules.  Sometimes the data are converted directly into knowledge through both analyses and business rule application simultaneously.  Lastly, the knowledge is converted into decisions by human intuition. It is these decisions that bring new and modified business practices and new understandings of the world in which we live. This seminar will discuss life as a data scientist and what one should expect and be ready for in that career.
Speaker:Dr. Darius Baer

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