Wednesday, April 15 2020
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Masters Presentation
Uncertainty Quantification in the COPDGene Project

The use of uncertainty quantification (UQ) has gained traction in the past decade as a methodology for evaluating the types and amounts of error associated with assumptions, measurements, and predictions in models used in the physical sciences and engineering. It combines techniques of statistics, numerical analysis, and computational mathematics to uncover these errors and their impacts on quantities of interest. Little has been done, however, to apply UQ methods to the biological sciences and public health. Genetic epidemiology, in particular, provides a rich domain for bringing these methods to bear on complex disease processes. We apply the data-consistent inversion method to the longitudinal COPDGene data and investigate the extent to which an emerging UQ technique can reveal the structure of the relationships among demographic, behavioral, and lung health variables of heavy smokers. Our results can inform treatment and public policy.
Speaker:Chandler Zachary
Location:See Zoom link from email

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