Friday, April 17 2020
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Masters Presentation
Continuous Modeling and Bifurcation Theory Applied to Neural Bursting

Committee: Yaning Liu, Burt Simon, Stephen Hartke

The Hindmarsh-Rose (HR) model is a three-dimensional system of ODEs that describes the dynamics of neural action potentials. It is one of many diverse models that aims to shed light on the mechanisms behind neural activity observed experimentally. Neurons exhibit behavior such as periodic firing of action potentials, quiescence or resting, and bursting. Of particular interest are the bursting rhythms that occur when a neuron alternates between repetitive action potential dynamics and quiescence. Here, we explore bursting patterns that arise in the HR model utilizing multiple time scale dynamics and bifurcation mechanisms.
Speaker:Malik Odeh
Location:See Zoom link from email

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