Friday, May 1 2020
11:30am - 1:00pm
PhD Thesis Presentation
Auto-generating Discharging Arguments Through Linear Programming

Committee: Stephen Hartke (Advisor and Chair), Michael Jacobson, Florian Pfender, Michael Ferrara (NSF), David Brown (Utah State University)

Abstract: The discharging method has been used to prove many coloring results on graphs, most notably the Four Color Theorem on the maximum chromatic number of planar graphs. For my thesis, I propose to develop the computational tools to generate and verify discharging arguments using linear programming methods. As a proof of concept, I show how this can be used to find streamlined discharging arguments for Vizing's Planar Graph Conjecture for maximum degree at least 8. I propose to use these methods to settle the maximum degree 6 case of that conjecture.
Speaker:Eric Culver
Location:See Zoom link from email

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