Monday, October 11 2021
11:00am - 12:15pm
Department Seminar,Statistics Seminar
Air quality: Low cost sensors, public health, and urban planning

Abstract: In the year 2016 alone, air pollution was responsible for ~ 7 million premature deaths. 90% of these deaths occurred in the Global South. How can countries in the Global South improve air quality? This talk takes a multipronged approach to answer this question. First: air pollution data is critical for the development of effective air quality management plans. Few cities in the Global South have extensive regulatory air pollution monitor networks, and when they do, the data are often not publicly available. This talk proposes novel methodologies to combine data from low-cost sensors and satellite data to estimate air pollution in locations with limited access to regulatory monitors to 'fill in the gaps'. However, air pollution data is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to convince policy-makers of the urgency of tackling air pollution, this talk also reports the health impacts of air pollution in the African context. Finally, how does data ultimately lead to action? This talk ends by describing what actions air quality measurements have led to in Kenya, and what existing barriers to effective policy actions are.

Mode: in-person and virtual, the speaker will be in-person

In-person attendance: Student Commons Building room 4017

Virtual attendance: send email to for Zoom information

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Speaker:Dr. Priyanka deSouza
Affiliation:CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning
Location:4017 and virtual

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