Monday, October 18 2021
11:00am - 12:15pm
Department Seminar,Statistics Seminar
Summary of Concepts Learning from the Summer Institute in Statistics for Big Data (SISBID)

For more than 2 decades the University of Washington has held a series of summer institutes exploring cutting edge statistical applications and concepts for students and researchers. The Summer Institute for Statistics in Big Data (SISBID) provides an introduction to best coding practices for big data, unsupervised and supervised learning methods, and visualization of large data sets. In this seminar I will provide an overview of the 2-week SISBID institute that was held during the summer of 2021. Several methods for data visualization (e.g. animated graphs, big data scatterplots, etc.), unsupervised learning (e.g. Gaussian Graphical Models, Biclustering algorithms, Multidimensional Scaling, etc.), and supervised learning (e.g. penalized regression, support vector machines, random forest boosting, etc.) will be discussed with connections to MATH 6388.

ATTENDING: Everyone is welcome to join the seminar. Seminar will be hydrid: in-person and virtual (zoom). The speaker will be in-person. For in-person, please join us in Student Commons Building room #4017. For virtual attendance, please contact for Zoom information.
Speaker:Nicholas Weaver
Affiliation:University of Colorado Denver Department of Mathematical and Statistical Science
Location:4017 and virtual (Zoom)

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