Monday, November 15 2021
11:00am - 12:15pm
Department Seminar,Statistics Seminar
Volatility-Based Microbiome Association Testing

Longitudinal studies of the microbiome are becoming increasingly common as a way to investigate within- and between-subject variability. The amount of instability, or volatility, in the microbial community has been associated with health statuses such as irritable bowel disease, stress, and antibiotic treatment. However, there is no clear framework for quantifying the extent of volatility in the microbiome to enable association testing with outcomes of interest. We propose formal measures of qualitative (appearance or disappearance) and quantitative (abundance) volatility, explore patterns of volatility in real longitudinal microbiome datasets, propose a hypothesis testing framework, and assess performance across a range of study designs and simulation settings. We apply the approach to investigate microbiome volatility across irritable bowel syndrome subtypes.

ATTENDING: Everyone is welcome to join the seminar. Seminar will be hydrid: in-person and virtual (zoom). The speaker will be remote. For in-person, please join us in Student Commons Building room #4017. For virtual attendance, please contact for Zoom information.
Speaker:Plantinga, Anna
Affiliation:Assistant Professor of Statistics, Williams College
Location:SCB 4017 or through Zoom

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