Monday, December 6 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm
Masters Presentation
Integer Game (Limbo) has an Evolutionarily
Stable Strategy (ESS)

Abstract: This project focuses on the game of Limbo. In the game, N players independently
try to pick an integer that is the smallest of all N players and not chosen by another player. More specifically, the first goal of this project was to find
the Nash equilibrium for Limbo. Next, we showed this Nash equilibrium is also an Evolutionarily Stable Strategy (ESS).
In this talk, I begin with an explanation of the concepts of Nash equilibrium and ESS using the Hawk-Dove game as an example. I then switch our discussion
to Limbo. As a first step towards finding the ESS for Limbo, I will derive the Nash equilibrium. After this derivation, I will provide statistical evidence that
Limbo’s Nash equilibrium is an ESS using MATLAB. To conclude the talk, I use Lagrange multipliers to prove that Limbo’s Nash equilibrium is a local
optimum, meaning it is consistent with being an ESS.
Speaker:Maha Alharbi

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