Monday, August 15 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
Operations Research Seminar
On Gaining or Losing Perspective over Simplices

For a convex function f on a convex domain P in R^d, perspectivization provides the tightest convexification for the disjunction of (0,0,0) and {(1,x,f(x)) : x in P}. But perspectivization leads to the use of conic solvers for reliability, while conic solvers have some shortcomings. Using d-dimensional volume as a measure of looseness, following up on work of Lee, Skipper and Speakman for d=1, but now considering the case where P is a simplex of d>1, we investigate some lighter relaxations with an eye toward understanding when they are tight enough.
Speaker:Jon Lee
Affiliation:University of Michigan
Location:SCB 4125

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