Monday, October 10 2022
12:30am - 1:00pm
Department Seminar
Communication Intensity of Numerical Linear Algebra kernels

Date & Time: Monday October 10th 2022, from 12:30pm to 1:00pm

Mode: Seminar is hybrid. So Zoom + in person is OK. Speaker will be in-person.

In-person attendance: Student Commons Building, Room 4017

Remote attendance: Contact for Zoom information

Speaker: Dr. Julien Langou

Affiliation: Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Colorado Denver

Note: Dr. Florian Pfender will give a presentation right after from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. Attendees are encouraged to attend both presentations. (Same Zoom link, same in-person room.)

Title: Communication Intensity of Numerical Linear Algebra kernels

Abstract: We study the problem of the volume of communication needed for a given Numerical Linear Algebra operation. Our research consists in, given a communication platform model, given Numerical Linear Algebra operation, find an as-high-as-possible lower bound on the volume of communication necessary to perform the operation, and we give algorithms that leads to as-low-as-possible volume of communication. The goal is to find optimality. That is an algorithm that has a volume of communication that matches the highest known lower bound. The problem of volume of communication needed by algorithms is relevant because communication takes time and energy. In this talk, Iíll describe the problem, briefly go over the literature and the various models, explain one known result in details for matrix-matrix multiplication, give some (exciting) recent results, and present some current ongoing work.
Speaker:Julien Langou
Affiliation:CU Denver
Location:Student Commons Building: 4017

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