UTHSC Neuroscience
Conference Room
- 425 Wittenborg Anatomy Bldg
Meeting Room - 426B Wittenborg Anatomy Bldg


We have 2 rooms in the Neuroscience Suite that are available for reservations. The Meeting Room in 426B is available for meetings up to 6 people. A portable projector is available if needed.
The Conference Room in 425 is available for large groups and has the mounted projector.

Instructions for Scheduling an Event: Click on the Add/Edit link to schedule your event. If you do not see an Add/Edit link, please return to the Neuroscience Institute website and select Conference Room. Date, Enter your first and last name as well as room number, category, start time, and end time are required fields. Your name should be entered into the text field along with any relevant information. You may use the email notification to alert any participants of the scheduled event. If you have any trouble using the form, please contact me so that I can help you. Also you will need to contact Mistie Brewer at 448-5960 or me at 448-9657 in order to reschedule or cancel your event.

Please do not schedule appointments more than a week in advance unless it is a class and/or you have previously discussed it with Jasmine Smith.

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September/October 2023
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