Saturday, January 29 2022 - Sunday, January 30 2022
ONLINE: Kampala, Uganda Convention

The Kampala Area Bible Students Ecclesia in Uganda is taking a privilege to Host another Internationaly participated Convention via ZOOM on 29th -30th JANUARY 2022, starting at 08:30AM East Africa Time, by the Grace of our God.

We INVITE all Brethren to participate with us by Zoom using the following Link which will have Translation Features thus Selecting a Language among the listed:

Meeting ID; 88287573616
Password; 018740

The THEME will be:
2Cor 3:3 Forasmuch As Ye Are Manifestly Declared To Be The Epistle Of Christ Ministered By Us, Written Not With Ink, But With The Spirit Of The Living God; Not In Tables Of Stone, But In Fleshy Tables Of The Heart.

By God's Grace, we hope to have the following SPEAKERS - Elders from various Ecclesias to edify us thus

Br. Ric Cunningham - Elder, Oakland County BS Ecclesia, USA,
Br. Jerry Leslie - Elder, Portland Area BS Ecclesia, USA,
Br. Ed Winske - Elder, ABSCO Ecclesia, USA, with 2 Tim 1:13
Br. Prabhakaran - Elder, Erode Ecclesia, India, with 2 Cor.3:3,
Br. Adam Kopczyk - Elder, Melbourne Berean BS Ecclesia, Australia, With Tabernacle Overview,
Br. Andriy Lajbida - Elder Ukraine Ecclesia with 1 John 5: 18

PANEL ON 2 Cor. 3:2-3

Br. Prabhakara - Erode Ecclesia, India- Panel Modorator with Panelist:
Br. Jerimie Brychcy - Elder, France,
Br. Noah Amoo - Deacon, Kumasi Ecclesia in Ghana,
Br. Raju Krishna - Bangolre Ecclesia, India.
Br. Raymond Charlton/ Adam - Australia.

Click here for the Convention Program:

Yours by God's Grace,

Bro. Eliezer Jjuuko, - Email:

For: Kampala Area Bible Students Eccleisa.