Tuesday, September 26 2017
Poem: Another Day to Serve Him


Another day to serve Him,
A privilege? Yes for me.
His Plan is full of Joy and Peace
And it's all that I can see.
All the people who ever lived,
Are included in this story,
For they will come to know HIS PLAN
And worship the Lord of Glory.

Peace welling up in every heart,
And men learn WAR no more,
No blindness, sickness, cares or fears,
His blessings spreading shore to shore.
We know these joys are coming soon
And we do not know the date
But God himself has promised these
And His “clock” is never late.

For on we go not knowing
Our FAITH is very strong,
We soon shall join our Lord above
And correct the world of its WRONGS.
His promises are sure,
Unfolding every hour,
He forgives us when we slip and fail,
And ever sends His grace and power.

Soon we shall hear Him whisper,
“Father, here I present my BRIDE,”
Then we shall work together,
From that precious other side.
We'll mend the broken heart-ed,
And raise their dead to LIFE,
And then it will be made so plain
As to why He was Crucified.

RJW January 2014