Saturday, March 21 2020
Poem: Spring/Summer Gifts


How beautiful and lovely is everything this year
The forsythias, luxuriant so brimming with cheer

With bright yellow flowerets against the blue sky
They give quite a show to all who pass by

And sun-ray is smiling on the pink blossoming trees
While the Lilac bouquet thrills floating soft on a breeze

And leaf is unfolding her earliest palette green
How beautiful and lovely doth everything seem

Robins hop in the yard and wrens sing once again
Feeders are made ready for our little hummingbird friends

And first-seen butterflies playfully cavort
Chasing each other in circulating sport

The lawn is made fresh with diamond gifts of dew
See all the rainbows of promise shining true

And no longer thirsty, parched streamlets now fed
The rain is filling up the ravine hollow bed

The purple mint is growing and the valley lilies ring
In treetop each birdie has special tidings to bring

So many of Godís blessings richly coming our way
On this most beautiful and lovely Spring day

And OhÖ the Summer night how wonderful it is!
Out here on the Wabash Valley Ridge

The million lovely blinkings of the million shimmering flies
And the many insect clinkings, and the croaking tree-frog cries

The moon, the myriad hosts of stars sparkling up above
Godís fingertips have made them all shining out with Love

And evening praise is due for the gifts the Giver sends
And meditationís sweet as morning peaks through the glen

SLM, 2012