Tuesday, October 3 2017

October 3

Great peace have they which love Thy law; and nothing shall offend them. `Psalm 119:165`

OUR requests should be, increasingly, for grace and wisdom and the fruits of the Spirit and opportunities for serving the Lord and the brethren, and for growing more and more into the likeness of God's dear Son....Under these conditions who can doubt that the promised “peace of God beyond all understanding” would “guard” such “hearts” and their “thoughts?

This peace would of itself dispel one of the great evils that afflict the hearts of many. Selfishness and ambition would find little room in a heart so filled. Divine peace can dwell in our hearts, and rule in them, so as to keep out the worry and turmoil of the world, even when we are surrounded by these disadvantageous conditions--even when the adversary himself is besetting us through deceived agents. `Z.'04-24`

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