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Calendars not in any Group
AccuriC6_Flowcytometer AccuriC6 Flowcytometer, located in Smith 3001-P (Contact Cindy B for training)
Cellomics Cellomics ArrayScan, Smith 3rd Floor (contact Cindy B for Training)
Echo_Acoustic_Liquid_Dispenser Echo Acoustic Liquid Dispenser, Smith 3070, See Cindy B for training
EVOS_Microscope EVOS Microscope in Smith 3076; contact Cindy Berlinicke for training.
ForteBio_Octet ForteBio Octete in Smith 3001, bay D; see Marisol Cano for training
Hitachi_H7600_TEM Hitachi H7600 Transmission Electron Microscope, Smith M088
IMARIS Imaris Image Processing, Smith M072 (see Scott McLeod for training/access)
LCM LEICA LMD6000 Laser Capture Microscopy, Smith 3rd Floor (contact Dr. Zack for more info)
Leica_Cryostat Leica Cryostat, Smith 3th floor (contact Baranda in the Zack lab for training)
Leica_UC7_Ultramicrotome Leica UC7 Ultramicrotome, Smith M080
Leica_Ultracut_S Ultracut S for thick-sectioning, Smith M080
Microm_Cryostat Microm Cryostat, Smith M080
NikonInvertedMicroscope Nikon Inverted Microscope, Smith M078
Sony_Cell_Sorter_SH800 Sony Cell Sorter SH800 in Smith 3076 (see Cindy Berlinicke for training)
Vibratome Vibratome - see Rhonda or Mary Ellen about use
Zeiss_LSM_510_Confocal Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Confocal Microscope, Smith M078A
Zeiss_LSM_510_Offline_Workstation Zeiss LSM 510 Offline Confocal Workstation, Smith M078
Zeiss_ZEN_LSM_710 Zeiss ZEN LSM 710 2Photon Confocal Microscope, Smith M082
Zeiss_ZenAxiovision_Offline_Workstation Zeiss ZEN and Axiovision Offline Confocal Workstation, Smith M078A

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