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Use iCal For:
  • Displaying calendars to the public on your web site
  • Scheduling meetings, vacations, or any kind of events
  • Keeping track of employee availability
  • Room or equipment reservations
  • Anything else you can think of!

Calendars are interactive, and can be for personal use, for sharing among users in your office over your intranet, and for use by Internet users around the world.

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What is iCal?
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iCal Logo iCal is a Web Calendar Server for all flavors of Microsoft Windows. It is an event calendar that can be used for scheduling meetings, events, vacations, menus, or just about anything else. This calendar can be for personal use or for sharing on your Intranet or Internet. iCal has a Web Browser Interface that allows dynamic updating of the calendar events. Since iCal comes with a built in Web Server, an existing Web Server environment is not required.

Learn more about iCal
New Features
A list of what's new in iCal version 4.1

A list of the primary features of iCal

Commonly asked questions and answers

Tips and Tricks
Examples of adding images, customizing your calendar, IDT files and more.

Exchange data with other calendar systems using the iCalendar data exchange format.

iCal Downloads
Download iCal and see how easy it is to use. The Demo is fully functional; the only limitations are that you cannot create more than one calendar, and a link to our web page is displayed.

Order iCal
Get details on obtaining a fully registered and supported version of iCal, or upgrading your existing copy.

iCal has my vote for the best little package of the year!!!