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New in Version 4.0

iCalendar and WebDAV
iCal supports the iCalendar standard and has been designed to allow data exchange between other iCalendar products like Apple's iCal calendar and Google's calendar. iCal will function as a WebDAV server which allows applications to Publish calendar data directly to the system. This iCalendar Data Exchange page provides details on the workings of this feature.

Custom Fields (Optional Feature)
Custom Fields can be defined for events; you can specify any number of data fields for all events in a calendar. Each field has an associated input type, used when adding new events: single-line text, multi-line text, pulldown menu, multiple-choice list, or checkbox. You can specify the options for the pulldown menus and multiple-choice lists, as well as defaults for each field.

RSS Feeds
The details of the calendar can be pulled as an RSS Feed.

Double-click to add
You can double-click to add a new event in a popup window. (Click in date headers in the Block View, in the date or day or blank cells in the List View.)

Other Features

  • Solid banner bars can be selected to display multi-day events.
  • Cascading Style Sheets define the look of all menus and entry forms.
  • Color names can be used on the event entry form. New easier color picker.
  • The block view can define scroll bars for the daily blocks.
  • A more descriptive and readable log file.
  • A new option to delete all calendar events.
  • All individual calendar entry fields can be defined as viewable or hidden on the entry form.
  • Double Clicking on events from an included calendar will take you directly to the edit form for the event.

New in Version 3.10

Time Plan View
This view provides time increments vertically on the left and day(s) of the week across the top. A nice feature is the ability to double click on the calendar to immediately edit existing events or to create new events. Take a look at this time plan demo calendar to appreciate the flexibility.

Cascading Style Sheets
The calendar displays are now driven by style sheets. Though one never needs to be aware of this during the operation of iCal, it does allow fine tuning of the display for those who wish to tweak the calendar presentation. Additionally, this allows the creation of color and font schemes for use by multiple calendars in the system. More details can be found here: global color and font schemes.

iCalendar attachments to email messages
An iCalendar attachment sent with an email message allows the receiver of the message to double click the attachment causing it to auto-load into their iCalendar compliant calendar. Typically this means it will be entered onto Microsoft's Outlook calendar but there are many other compliant calendars. You can see this in action by coming to this iCalendar Demo calendar. Add an event and have an email message sent to yourself to receive the attachment.

Add events to multiple calendars
When a new event is entered it is now possible to have that event added to multiple calendars. Your ability to add to multiple calendars is controlled by your security rights to those calendars.

Other Things
There are always a quite a number of small improvements.

  • User login/password parameters can be sent on the URL line
  • Calendars can be renamed
  • Authentication with SMTP mail servers
  • Allow only specific IP address ranges to access iCal
  • Category names can automatically prepend the calendar event text
  • The initial state of an included calendar can be "do not display"

New in Version 3.9

Automatically add iCal events to Outlook calendar
This feature will download individual iCal events in iCalendar format. This will cause any iCalendar application to import this event. The Microsoft Outlook calendar is such an application allowing an iCal web calendar event to be moved to Outlook with a single click. live demonstration of this feature. Here is how to configure iCal to use this feature.

Per-calendar customized mail subjects
You can specify custom subjects for email messages sent from iCal. Information from the particular event triggering the message can be included in the subject line. You can now also define different mail signatures for each calendar

Month Planner View
The month planner view allows you to see at a glance which days are in use for multiple calendars. This is very useful when scheduling resources that are allocated for full days. Live demonstration

Mini Navigation Calendar
A small navigation calendar that can keep you informed of daily activities. To see this feature come to this demo calendar, click on the navigation link at the bottom of the calendar labeled Calendars: Select to bring up a list of available calendars. On this list you will see links to mini which will present you with a small navigation calendar.

Other Things
There are always a quite a number of small improvements.

  • Can now define a global admin login other than the Registration Name and Number
  • Define the size of the detail popup window
  • Define the list view column width
  • Importing supports European Date format and additional fields
  • Including events from other calendars can be restricted by local categories
  • View multiple months in block mode
  • Editing of recurring event can default to Edit All or Edit this instance only
  • The category selection list on edit forms now displays the associated color
  • The calendar event filter can specify local categories.
  • Navigation bars now use selection boxes

New in Version 3.8

Tenative Event Submission
You can configure any calendar for Tentative Event Submission. If this is enabled, any user with Add permission can add events, but the events won't actually appear on the calendar until they're approved by a privileged user. Complete details can be found on the live demonstration of this feature.

Calendar Subscription
You can configure any calendar to allow people to sign up for calendar reminders. When enabled, any person with View permission to a calendar can subscribe to be reminded in advance of any upcoming event. E.g. An email message can be received an hour before a status meeting. There is also the ability to be notified of any event added or modified on the calendar.

vCalendar support
vCalendar is a data interchange format used by many calendar systems E.g. Outlook and Apple's calendar product. vCalendar data files can now be dynamically displayed on an iCal calendar.

iCal as a System Service
You can now have iCal installed as a system service. This is available for NT, 2000 and XP systems.

Printer Friendly View
The block calendar display can be modified for easy printing.

Other Things
Quite a number of new features and improvements have gone into the iCal 3.8 release.

  • Weekly display mode for the Planner View
  • Dynamically included calendars can pull events of specific categories
  • Import files can be uploaded from the client system through the browser interface
  • Edit list shows the source of all displayed events (e.g. name of included calendar
  • or IDT file name)
  • Import and export supports category field
  • Improved TripleSync data transfer performance

New in Version 3.7

Palm Pilot Synchronization
You can now synchronize your iCal web calendars with any PDA running Palm OS. Full synchronization is supported with a custom Palm conduit. A PC running Palm HotSync under Microsoft Windows is required. This is all made possible via our new product, TripleSync. TripleSync also provides a very slick alternative iCal interface.

Exception handling for Periodic and Duration Events
iCal now supports exception dates for repeating events. You can delete or modify individual events from a repeating definition. (We should have had this a long time ago)

Dynamic Include of Calendars from Multiple Groups
Calendars rolled up into a master calendar can now be selected from any calendar group.

Performance Tuning
The calendar access method has been improved for calendar viewing. The access time for calendars with a large number of events is even faster.

New in Version 3.6

Planner View for Multiple Calendars
This provides a matrix view of multiple calendars. Hours of the day horizontally across the top and the list of calendars vertically along the side. Your calendars can represent any resource for allocation. The resources could be anything from conference rooms, lab equipment, office appointment times, racquetball courts etc. The planner view allows you to quickly determine and assign available time slots. For additional information and online demo see: Book Your Tennis Court!

International Language Support
iCal has been redesigned to support languages other than English. Custom language files can be easily created. At this time there is support for Danish, German and Dutch in addition to English. We will be adding more languages which will be made available for download.

Define Calendar View Range
A valid starting and ending date range can be defined for the calendar. This confines the view range to only the months that may be valid for your project, calendar school year, performances etc.

System Auditing and IP Restriction
Logging can be enabled to trace and report all calendar activity. The IP address of user requests along with other information is reported. Also there is the ability to restrict iCal access to specified IP addresses.

Calendar Groups Selectable from Popup
Previous releases of iCal allowed you to create autonomous sets of calendars, but there was no easy navigation to independent groups. You can now do this :-)

Administration Menus Reorganized
The Administration Menus have been redesigned to provide a more consistent look and feel.

New in Version 3.5

Calendar Groups
Each Calendar can be assigned to a Calendar Group. Calendar Groups are used to limit which Calendars can be included and displayed in the Select Calendar list. E.g. This allows you to have a set of calendars for separate company departments, for conference rooms or in any way you might choose to group them.

Event Categories
Each Event can be assigned to a Category. Each Category can have default color settings. Categories can be defined System-wide, or just for a particular Calendar. You can filter your view of a calendar to show only those events of a specific category.

Automatic Link and Email Address Detection
All web links and email addresses are automatically detected and made 'clickable' in Event and Popup text.

Microsoft Outlook Import/Export
You can import Events from Microsoft Outlook CSV files. You can also export iCal events to a CSV file suitable for importing into Outlook.

Included Events can be Private or Restricted
Events can be marked as private so they will not appear when the calendar is included into another calendar.

Copy Event
In addition to editing an existing event, you can now edit and copy it in one step.

Week Numbers
You can choose to display week numbers.

Remove Weekend Days
The weekend days can be removed from the calendar display.

New in Version 3.1

Complete Font Face and Size Selection
You can specify font faces and sizes for all aspects of the calendar. This will help to blend your calendars into the look and feel of your web site.

More Powerful Dynamic Calendar Include
When a master calendar includes data from a large number of calendars, there can be confusion as to the source of the included calendar. New features provide several methods to easily identify te source calendar.

Navigation Menu Alignment
Now all navigation menus can now be placed at the the top or bottom of the calendar.

Bug Fixes
A couple of little bugs were fixed. I hate those pesky things.

New in Version 3.0

Email Notification Features
This is an add on option that allows email to be sent directly from your calendars. Though iCal can run on Windws 95/98/NT, the email feature requires NT (windows 2000). Here are the capabilities wrapped around this email option.

  • Auditing Calendar Activity This allows the administrator of a calendar to be notified when events are added, update or deleted. This is very helpful for calendars that are wide open for people to add and modify events.
  • Notifying Others You can email others of events you add or update on the calendar. This is commonly used to notify people that you have scheduled an event. The perfect example is the status meeting (that no one wants to attend).
  • Reminder Messages Email reminders can be sent from 15 minutes to two weeks in advance of an event. Two separate times can be assigned for each event. To get people to attend the status meeting you can have them emailed the day before and 15 minutes prior to the meeting.

Exporting Calendar Data
iCal Now allows you to export you calendar event information to ASCII tab delimited or CSV files.

Deleting Calendars
A browser interface allows you to delete calendars. Prior to 3.0 this could only be done from the file system. (This feature should have been added a long time ago!)

Calendar Create Options
When you create a new calendar you can now specify to have the color scheme and global settings to be identical to an existing calendar. This is helpful to easily maintain a color scheme for all of your calendars.

Condensed List View
This new view of your calendar data will only display the list of days that contain events.

Powerful Color Selections
iCal has always had a nice popup color selection palette. The only problem was that you had to choose from our palette. Colors can now be additionally entered with Hex color values or using html color names e.g. mediumturquoise

Calendar Hiding
The Professional Edition of iCal allows you to create multiple calendars. A link on each calendar pops up a list of all the calendars. Now you can choose to hide your calendar so it will not appear in this list.

.... And More
There are a number of other small features, but who can remember everything!