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Main Demo A fully enabled calendar. Click on a calendar day link to create your own entries. Have fun!
Time Plan View The Time Plan view is a favorite for planning daily activities. Here is an example calendar you can view and add events to. You can double-click to add or edit existing events.
Dynamic Include A powerful feature of iCal is the ability to include data from other calendars into your calendar. It is dynamic. As events are changed in the other calendars the changes will show on your calendar. This will show you an active demonstration of this feature.
Custom Fields This option allows data entry fields to be created for your specific scheduling needs. For example you could define fields for Customer Number or Site Location or any other information you wish to capture on the calendar data entry forms.
Planner View iCal provides a means to see a matrix view for multiple calendars vs. hours of the day. This allows you to easily schedule the use of resources whether these are conference rooms or oscilliscopes. At a glance you can easily see what is available for specific hours of the day.
Post events to Outlook This feature will download individual iCal events in iCalendar format. This will cause any iCalendar application to import this event. The Microsoft Outlook calendar is such an application allowing an iCal web calendar event to be moved to Outlook with a single click. live demonstration of this feature. Here is how to configure iCal to use this feature.
Tentative Approval Some calendars are designed to allow anyone to add events, but the events do not appear on the calendar until approved by an authorized person. This demo will show how this feature works.
Calendar Signup An iCal calendar can be configured to allow those who view the calendar to signup for email reminders to specific calendar events. This feature can be applied in numerous ways. For example people can be reminded of up coming sporting events or when they need pick up tickets for an evening performance.
Time Overlap iCal allows you to define calendars that will reject an event that would overlap a time range of an existing event. This will prevent you from booking conflicting appointments. iCal also provides a means to search for your desired appoinment time across multiple calendars. You can see an active demonstration of this feature.
Administration Here are some calendars that allow you to access the and modify the calendar administration pages. This will allow you to understand the heart of the iCal calendar server.