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A powerful feature of iCal is to create calendars that dynamically include data from other calendars. For example, a group calendar could be created that includes the data from individual department calendars or a master room calendar could include data from individual conference room calendars. Changes made to the individual calendars will be dynamically updated on the calendars that include them.

Our On-line Example

For our example we have defined a people calendar to include the data from three individual calendars. These are the calendars for david, betty and mary .

The Individual Calendars
You can get to the individual calendars with these links: David, Betty and Mary. You can freely add and modify events on these calendars. (You might want to right mouse click on one of these links, and open the calendar in another browser window)
Dynamic People Calendar
The People calendar has been defined to include the data from the individual calendars. Any changes you make to the individual calendars will be displayed on this People calendar. Note: You may need to refresh the people calendar.

One of the first things you should note on the people calendar is a link at the top right that says, Apply a Filter. Clicking on this will bring up a small window. From this window you can control exactly what data is to be viewed. You might choose only to see the data from Mary's calendar, or perhaps Dave's and Betty's. This is a very flexible feature.

Behind the Scenes
We have used the calendar security capabilities to prevent you from getting at the administration forms for the calendar. It is from these forms that you can specify other calendars to be included into your calendar. You can also specify the background color and text color associated with an included calendar. This is why on the people calendar you will see data from david as red, betty as blue and mary as yellow.