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Details of All Courts Demo

This page describes the steps we took to build the All Courts demo. This will provide you with a clear understand of how it all works and give you the information you need to create your own planner view.

1. Create a "Courts" Group
The first step was to create a calendar group named courts. Creating a group is an option available from the iCal Global Administration Menu. (A link at the bottom of the Administration page of any calendar will take you to the Global Administration Page. You will need a registered version of iCal professional to create a group)

2. Create the Calendars
The iCal Global Administration Menu is also where you can create calendars. We created seven calendars in the courts group. One called allcourts and six others named court1 thru court6.

3. Include Court[1-6] calendars into Allcourts calendar
The Allcourts calendar is used as the planner view calendar. The first step is to include the individual court calendars into Allcourts calendar. This is done by going to the Include Calendars administration menu of the Allcourts calendar. On this form you can include the individual court calendars and you must also check the box for Planner View. Here is a view of the Allcourts Include Menu Form used for the demo. (This is just a view of the admin page)

4. Planner Configuration Menu Option
Once you have checked the Include a Planner View Display check box on the Include Calendars menu, a new Planner Configuration link will appear on the Administration Menu for the Allcourts calendar. It will appear as below.
Include CalendarsDynamically include data from other calendars.
Planner ConfigurationSpecify details of the planner view.
SecuritySpecify who can edit your calendar
This new menu selection will allow you to configure several options for the Planner View. This Planner Configuration link will show you the settings assigned for our demo. One particular thing to note is a check box at the bottom titled, Default Display:. Checking this will cause the planner view to be the default display mode for the Allcourts calendar. You will want to check this box.

5. Hiding the Individual Court Calendars
Typically you will not want people accessing directly the calendars that you have pulled into your planner view. For our example we hid the individual court calendars. This is why you only see one possible calendar selection from the popup calendar select list - allcourts
Calendar Select Box

The Court1 thru Court6 calendars where made hidden through a selection available on the General Settings administration menu page for each calendar. The selection option looks like this.
List Calendar: Show Calendar
Hide Calendar
Specifies if this calendar should
appear in the Calendar Select Popup

6. That's all Folks
Hopefully this has described in sufficient detail how a Planner View can be configured. If this page has not helped you, let us know about it!! Contact us