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iCal allows calendars to be configured so anyone with view access can sign up for email notification of events added or modified on the calendar. Additionally, one can choose to be reminded in advance of any upcoming events on the calendar.

How to configure a calendar for Subscription
  • The iCal system must first be configured to allow for the sending of email. Detailed information can be found for this on the Email Configuration setup found on the iCal Global Administration menu.

  • On the Subscription Administration menu for any calendar you will find the following: .

    Checking the box for Enable Notify on Add, Edit, and Delete and/or Enable Event Reminder Messages will activate the subscription feature of iCal.

  • A calendar configured for subscription will have a link at the top of the calendar that will allow people to sign up for notification and reminders. This link can be replaced with a graphic if desired. This is accomplished by checking the box by the graphic image you see on the menu. The graphic you see in the above image comes with the iCal installation. You can supply your own graphic. The graphic used is named subscribe.jpg and is found in the iCal installation folder. This image could be replaced with one of your choice.

Example Calendar Configured for Subscription
The Subscription Calendar will allow you to see the results of configuring a calendar for subscription. Feel free to subscribe to the calendars.

Note: A snapshot is taken of a calendar event that you select for reminding. This information is saved by iCal and one will be reminded appropriately in advance of the event. However, should the event be deleted from the calendar after subscribing, a reminder message will still be sent.