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Free In/Out Board - Ad-Free In/Out Board

If you do not want any advertising displayed with your In/Out Board, you can sign up for the paid, advertising-free version. It also includes extra features (see below.)

In addition to displaying your In/Out Board without any advertising, the paid In/Out Board option includes these extra features (more in the future):

  • The free version has three status names: IN, OUT and ABOUT. The paid version allows you to add additional custom names, e.g. "Vacation", "Busy", "Off-Line", etc. There's no limit on the number of custom names you can have.

  • The paid version allows the creation of user Groups. Rather than viewing all people, you can view only those in a group - such as "Sales" or "Marketing". The administrator can define groups for selection by anyone in the system, and individuals can define their own specific groups. People can be in multiple groups.

  • The paid version allows you to receive email notification when someone's status changes. For example, an alert message could be received when a person returns from lunch; when their status changes from OUT to IN.
    (This feature can be disabled by the administrator)

  • The paid version allows you to have your status automatically change at specific times and days of the week. For example, your status could automatically change to IN every day at 8:00 AM, Monday through Friday.
    (This feature can be disabled by the administrator)

  • The paid version includes a reporting or auditing feature. You can download a data file with the auditing information, including the date and time, old status, new status, the username that changed the status, return time, and comment. The file is in standard CSV format, for importing into any spreadsheet program or loading into a database.

A few images can help in understanding the feautures:
  • Unlimited Status Names

    Unlimited Status Names
  • Groups to Organize People
    Selecting a Group will display only the names within that Group.

    Define Groups
  • Status Alerts
    Status alerts can be created to send an email message when someone changes their status.

    Define Status Alerts
  • Time Schedule Status Change
    Allows individuals to automatically change their status at predetermined times.

    Auto Change Status
  • Audit Reports
    The In/Out Board administrator can generate reports showing user status changes and times.

    Audit Report Example