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IOBee FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
What's the meaning of the Updated: Date and Time displayed below the In/Out Board?
The date and time at the bottom of the user list shows the last time the page was refreshed. Every 5 minutes (10 minutes for free accounts), the browser automatially checks to make sure your display is current. So, when someone's status changes (e.g. from OUT to IN), you'll be certain to know about it - you don't need to refresh the page yourself.

Can I get an In/Out Board without any advertising?
Yes; you can do that here: Remove Advertisements.

What's the best size for uploaded photos?
Uploaded photos are resized to have a maximum width of 150 pixels, so almost any photo you upload will display properly.

How can I make my Header text more interesting?
The header text can be defined on the Systems Settings page. You can enhance it using HTML, e.g. to add formatting and links. Here is a simple example:
                        <h1>This is my Header</h1>
                        Go to my <a href="">home page</a>

How can I allow people to change the status of other users?
You can assign assistant rights to a person to allow them to change the status, return time, or comment field of other users. To do that, log in as the administrator and check the assistant box beside the user.

How can I create an iPhone icon?
On your iPhone, browse to your In/Out board; something like<MyBoard>
When viewing your In/Out Board, click on the or Plus (+) sign visible at the bottom of the screen. This will present a display like this.

Click on the Add to Home Screen button to create an iPhone icon.