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Adr_Book - Frequently Asked Questions

Adr_Book - FAQ

How do I enter my registration codes?

Your registration codes are entered by starting the address book program and then selecting Help/About Adr_Book from the menu. A dialog box will appear with a button labeled "Enter Codes". Your codes are case sensitive; uppercase and lowercase matter.

How can I move the address book to a new computer?

The best way to move Adr_Book to a new system is to first copy the 5.8 installation package to your new system, and run the installation. Once installed, you need to re-enter your registration codes. To do this, select Help/About Adr_book from the menu. You will see a button labeled "Enter Codes". The codes are case-sensitive, so upper and lower case matter. Also, the dashes are required in the registration number.

You can find your registration codes from Adr_Book on your old system. You will see them listed when you select Help/About Adr_Book from the menu.

Finally, you need to copy your data files from the old system to the new system. Your data files end with a .ADR extension. You can copy them to any location on your new system. To open them, select File/Open from the Adr_book menu, or simply double-click on the data file icon.

Why must I re-enter my registration codes multiple times?

When the registration codes are entered, they get saved to the system registry. Administrative rights are required to write to the registry, so if you aren't running as an administrator when you enter them, they won't get saved.

To run as administrator, right-click on the icon you use to start the address book program. A dialog box should appear with the option Run as Administrator. Selecting this should result in the codes being successfully saved. There is no need to "Run as Administrator" once the codes are properly saved.

There are utility programs which claim to keep your system registry healthy. It seems some of these programs remove the address book registration codes from the registry. Should you find the need to re-enter your codes every week or so you might check your utility programs.

Why is my address book suddenly showing only 30 contacts? Have I lost my data?

When your registration codes are not recorded in the system registry your address book program is restricted to 30 contacts. Your registration codes should only need entering one time. We're aware some utility programs claim to clean the system registry, but some remove the address book registration codes. Should this happen when your contact file is opened only 30 contacts will be displayed from your contact file.

You'll need to re-enter your registration codes. Once entered, reopening your contact file will result in all contacts being displayed. You do need to reopen your contact file by selecting File/Open from the menu.

Can I make a backup of my contact file?

Yes. The easiest way to make a backup of your contact file is to select File/Save As from the menu. This will allow you create a duplicate contact file.

When the address book is started it will always open the last file accessed by the program. So if you use File/Save As to create a duplicate copy you should then select File/Open from the menu to re-open your original contact file.

It's best to copy your contact file to a memory stick or other external storage. Should you need to recover a contact list from an external device you can copy the file to any location on your harddrive. Then select File/Open from the address book program to open the file.