Legacy Software

Calcium Patches

Calcium calendar server, through version 4.0.4


Complete patch set for Calcium version 4.0.4. Download one of these packages, and install in the Calcium installation on your web server.

The files in the patch set need to go into the "upgrades/Calendar" and "upgrades/Operation" directories under the main directory of your Calcium installation. E.g., on a unix-like system:

    $ cd <path to>/CalciumDir40
    $ tar zxvf <path to>/404-patches-2020-09.tgz

On Windows, it might be something like:

    C:> cd <path to>\CalciumDir40
    C:> unzip 404-patches-2020-09.zip

However, before extracting you should make sure any existing new/modified files that might already be in the "upgrades" area won't be overwritten. These could be there for previous customizations. If you have conflicts and need help checking, let us know.