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Custom Fields and Templates

Custom Fields and Template Files

The custom fields option allows custom entry fields to be defined for a given calendar. Standard HTML text fields, check boxes and selection lists can be created using a point and click interface. Specific fields you define for such items as Customer Number, location, contact person, phone number, etc. will be presented on the calendar event entry form. This provides the flexibility to capture the data elements for a variety of scheduling needs.

Template files provide a means for specifying custom fields on the edit form, popup display, list display and email messages.

Note: Templates are not required, but can be helpful. When no template file is present, the custom fields will be displayed with a default format.

The template files can be managed with the browser interface, but there are text files that can be edited by hand. These file are on the iCal host system. The files are located in the template directory beneath the data directory. Files are identified by using the calendar name with an extension defining their purpose

Keywords are used to embed your custom fields in the template files. The keywords are created by surrounding the field name with a parenthesis and and the hash character. For example, for a custom field named MyField, the key word would be: (#MyField#). The key word names will be listed on the menu.

Help, where do you define custom fields?

Go to the administration menu of any calendar. Select the menu option labeled Event Edit Form.