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iCal vs Calcium CGI

Web Calendar Servers

Calcium and iCal are both web calendar products. Once the software is installed on a single host computer, any number of users can point their web browsers to the system to view, edit, and manage the calendars.

Calcium has more features than iCal, and can be installed on almost any server. iCal is Windows-only - of course, users can access it from any kind of computer - and has its own built-in web server.

Architectural Differences


Feature Differences

Calcium and iCal are both rich in features. Both can merge data from multiple calendars, synchronize data with Outlook and Palm devices, provide a variety of calendar views, send email notifications and reminders, as well as support user defineable custom fields, different languages, iCalendar data exchange, RSS feeds and all of the other commonly expected features.

However, Calcium has more features than iCal; and in many cases where the two products have the same feature, Calcium will provide more options and flexibility. Calcium has been designed for the highest requirements, with features such as support for per-user security, time zones, secure socket connections, and LDAP authentication.

These are features and options provided by Calcium, but not iCal: