Legacy Software - iCal

IDT Files

This page contains a description of iCal IDT files and a few examples.

IDT Include Files

IDT include file are simple text files that contain a date and some text. iCal will will read the date and place the text for that date onto your calendar. iCal will do this if:

Properly Formated IDT file

IDT files are text files that end with a .idt extension. These files conform to the old Window INI format. Here is a very simple idt file.

[iCal Add-In]
Description=Friends Birthdays
01/01/2005   Beth's Birthday
02/04/2005   Tim's Birthday
10/31/2005   Mary's Birthday
12/22/2005   Davids' Birthday

This is the simplest and most common way to create the idt file. The Description is what you will see Administration General Settings calendar page. The date must have the format MM/DD/YYYY. The dates must be in chronological order. There can be any number of spaces or tabs before the start of the calendar text.

You can use keyword assignment for the text. The moon phase idt that ships with iCal demonstates this.

[iCal Add-In]
Description=Moon Phases
NM=New Moon
FQ=First Quarter
FM=Full Moon
LQ=Last Quarter
11/01/2005   FQ
11/09/2005   FM
11/17/2005   LQ
11/23/2005   NM
11/30/2005   FQ

Finally you should note that the text can be html. Here is an example that would include graphical moon images onto the calendar.

[iCal Add-In]
Description=Graphical Moon Phases
01/05/2005   <img src="/fullmoon.gif">Full
01/13/2005   <img src="/q3moon.gif">Q3
01/20/2005   <img src="/newmoon.gif">New
01/27/2005   <img src="/q1moon.gif">Q1