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Moving iCal to a new server

Moving your iCal installation

The easiest way to transfer iCal to a new system is to zip up the iCal installation folder and all sub-folders on your old system. You then unzip this into any location on your new system.

Then, on your new system, double click the ical.exe program to start iCal. Go to the About Tab of the property box that appears and re-enter your registration name and number.

That's the basics, you should be set to go with all of your data intact. However, there are a few other things to consider. Since this was not a package install, you will not have any selections off of the Windows "Start" Button. The one important selection available from the Start Button is the ability to install iCal as a system service. Instead, you can do this from the command line as follows:

  1. Get to a command prompt
  2. Change Directory (CD) into the folder where you unzipped iCal
  3. At the prompt issue the command: icalsrv install

After doing this, you should find the entry "iCalService" listed in your services dialog box.

Or, instead of copying as above, you can of course do an install of the iCal package on your new system. If you are running the current version - iCal 4.1 - you can grab it from this link:


After installing this, you would copy your data files from the old system into the folder where you placed the installation package. This will give you all of your old data and place entries on the start button.