Legacy Software - iCal

Planner View

The planner view in iCal allows you to view included calendars in an organized manner to quickly find open time slots within a variety of calendars. This feature brings ease to scheduling conference rooms, rental equipment, or in our example, tennis courts. Once again, since the individual calendars are dynamically included, any changes to them are registered in the planner view as well.

Creating Your Own Planner View Calendar

The planner view is simply a new method of viewing included calendars. In the Include Calendars window under the main administration menu (Calendar Settings), there is a small box beneath the listing of calendars that reads: Include a Planner View display option on the navigation bar. Checking this box creates a Planner Configuration on the administration menu which contains settings for the planner view, and also puts Planner as a viewing option on the calendar itself. Clicking on the option will put you in the planner view with all of the included calendars showing.

It is important to note that items in the planner menu function exactly like any other included item. As such, features like filters still apply, and different calendars can be filtered out.