Calendar Administration

for Calendar: ctk_administration

Display Settings
First Day of Week:
Time Format:
Date Format:
Default Display:
Navigation Bars:
Weekend Days: You can have Block and List views display only Monday - Friday
Week Numbers:
Block View "Tails": For events from the start or end of bordering months in the Block Month view
HTML in Events: more info button
Event Sorting:
Sort first by: then by: then by:
Event Tag Display: Select extra fields to display with events
Location Link Type: Location field in event popup window will be a clickable link to display a map, using the selected service
Event Details Window:
Event Add/Edit Popup:
List View Columns: In List and Condensed views, width of the "Popup Text" column
Time Plan Hours:
Time Plan - Event Times: In the Time Plan view, show event times above event text?
Menu Bar Location: Display controls above the calendar, or below?
Planner View: Whether or not to display the main including calendar in the Planner views.
Mobile View: more info button