Calendar Administration

for Calendar: ctk_administration

Email Settings

Mail Format:
"From" Name: if set, the displayed name part of the "From" address
"Reply To" Address:
Signature Text:
Default Domain: If an email address with no domain is used, append this (optional.)
"Subject" Lines
New Event:
Event Modified:
Event Deleted:
Event Notification Mail
iCalendar attachment: Include an iCalendar attachment? This allows users to easily add an event to their desktop calendar, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple's iCal
Link to Calendar: Include a link to the calendar?
Mail Header Image: Use "default" for the standard image, leave blank for no image, or enter the full URL of any image you like; e.g. something like



You can use special strings in the Subject lines to automatically insert information specific to the event. Both standard and custom fields can be used.

String Produces
$text the event Text
$date the event Date
$time the event Start and End times
$location the event Location
$contact "contact" field
$category the event Category
$user the event User

So, a "New Event" subject line specified as "Event Added: $text, on $date" might produce a subject line like: "Event Added: Important Meeting, on Saturday, March 19 2025"

Custom event fields that you've defined can be included by using the field name enclosed in ${} . For example, a custom field named phone would be referenced as ${phone} .