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19 April 2018 - 18 May 2018
Apr 19 Thu
Strategize on next stage of work toward 2019 passage.
Apr 21 Sat
With Portland Mayoral campaigns routinely costing over $1 million per candidate and mere City Council races over $650,000, getting laws in place that limit the influence of big donors in Portland elections is essential.

We need your help to gather signatures and ensure that all voters Portland have a chance to make their voices heard. Portlanders deserve honest elections, and this initiative will help get big money out of Portland politics.

There will be opportunities to volunteer every weekend until we gather the needed 34,000 signatures of Portland voters.
9:00 AM
PSU Farmers Market (gather signatures on Portland Initiative for Campaign Finance Reform);Amount=Month;NavType=Absolute;Type=Block;Date=2018/04/21" id="link64_adl_tabid" style="display:none;">442
Apr 28 Sat;Amount=Month;NavType=Absolute;Type=Block;Date=2018-04-28" id="link64_adl_tabid" style="display:none;">346
May 12 Sat
Inspired by a history of effective change-makers in Portland’s past who organized similar events to address the needs of their day, this event is motivated by the need to put Portlanders in charge of smart public policy that promote equity and common good.

This year, we’re taking a deep-dive into 3 subjects:
  • Local campaign-finance reform at the city and county levels, including a potential Portland-area-challenge to Citizens United
  •  Our region’s Clean Energy Transition, with a specific focus on racial justice and broad accessibility (and the Just Energy Transition initiative)
  • The growing interest in City Council Districts and what that transition might entail
We’ll get updates from experts in each fields, and open the floor to hear from you.

More Information here.
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