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1 March 2016 - 31 March 2016
Mar 1 Tue
Women's History Month
Our March meeting will feature a 40-minute documentary "Building the Machine" describing the corporate takeover of our public schools, followed by a panel of three discussing their perspectives. The panel will include Dana Brenner-Kelly, Mother; Michael Sonnleitner, Portland Community College Board Member, and Hyung Name, high school teacher.

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Don't forget that we are in our annual membership drive. Annual Membership fee is only $5.00 and can be paid to Cass at the meeting.

Free and open to the public. Not associated with the Democratic Party. Please bring food to share if you are able.
Mar 2 Wed
Welcome to the meeting.
Mar 3 Thu
We're excited to present PDX Mayoral Debate on the Environment: Regaining Our Green Edge, a debate on Portland's top environmental priorities.

PARTICIPATING CANDIDATES: Commissioner Jules Bailey, Sarah Iannarone, Treasurer Ted Wheeler

6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Thursday, March 3, 2016
Doors open at 6 p.m.

Benson Polytechnic High School (auditorium)
546 NE 12th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232

This event is hosted by Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Oregon Environmental Council, Oregon Chapter, Sierra Club, and co-hosted by 1000 Friends of Oregon, 350 PDX, Audubon Society of Portland, The Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Coalition of Communities of Color, Columbia Riverkeeper, Let's Talk Climate, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Urban Greenspaces Institute and Willamette Riverkeeper.
Gabriella Coleman is a cultural anthropologist who holds the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University in Canada. She researches, writes, and teaches on computer hackers and digital activism.

She is the author of Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking as well as Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous, winner of the 2015 Diana Forsythe Prize by The American Anthropological Association's Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology and Computing. More information on one of her books, Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower - The Many Faces of Anonymous HERE
Mar 4 Fri
African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.4 million incarcerated population. To say we have reached a crisis in America would be an understatement. At the NAACP's 106th National Convention, President Obama noted that today's criminal justice system "remains particularly skewed by race and by wealth,' and has adverse ripple effects on our country's families and communities." When we hone in locally, it's clear this is not solely a federal issue.

As part of the MacArthur Foundation, Safety and Justice Challenge, Multnomah County was asked to collect data about the population of individuals within the local jail system and at various decision points throughout the system. "For every 1,000 Black Adults in Multnomah County, there are 9.2 Black Adults in jail, compared to their White counterparts at 1.5 adult white males in jail for every 1,000 White Adults." For more information on the report, please click here..

As we begin to look into Multnomah County's Criminal Justice system, it is important to talk about how this data can be meaningful and what it brings to the national and local conversation. Please join us to hear from leaders of the Local Public Safety and Coordinating Council (LPSCC) and members of our judicial system together to speak to not only to the disparities revealed in the report, but also potential local solutions to address each decision point in our county's overall criminal justice system.

Sponsored by Portland City Club..
Mar 5 Sat
Supporters of the Bundy's militia takeover of Native sacred sites and public lands who want to take our National Parks, National Forests and other Public Lands for the personal gain of themselves and their corporate backers are planning a rally for their bad ideas in our town!!

Event meetup will meet across the street from the Federal Court House on 3rd Ave (Lownsdale Square).

Let's fill these parks with thousands of folks who love our parks and want to keep them public!!

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Mar 6 Sun
Oregon unions are under assault, not only from Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association (stalled by the Supreme Court shakeup), but also from a dangerous anti-worker ballot initiative coming in November. This attack is coordinated by the billionaire Koch Brothers and their wealthy allies—the same forces who are organizing anti-immigrant campaigns and funding right-wing “climate change deniers.”

Join local union and community activists to discuss these looming attacks and how we can fight back.

The event will also serve as a fundraiser to assist low-wage workers to attend the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago April 1-3.
Mar 7 Mon
The consequence of the technological revolution is about to hit hard: employment opportunities will collapse across the board as new technologies replace labor. In this brave new world, the power of the people to demand a smarter and more humane economic and environmental policy will be diminished as fear trumps reason and surrender replaces hope. In People Get Ready (Nation), Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols, two of America's leading champions of net neutrality, reveal that the choices made in the next few years will decide not just how technology is utilized and how economies are organized, but whether democracy will cease to function in any meaningful sense.
Mar 8 Tue
While magical moments of learning take place every day in our classrooms, the reality is that Oregon public schools are far from where they need to be to provide our children the education they deserve. The main reason is the inadequate funding of Oregon public schools — the legacy of two ballot measures in the 1990s that upended Oregon’s property tax system.

For too long we’ve asked educators to do more with less. That has to change. Our kids cannot wait any longer.

Great Schools, Great Communities is a collaborative effort of the Oregon League of Women Voters and Oregon Center for Public Policy o engage communities on the need to address the chronic underfunding of our public schools. It will take active, engaged citizens to make the changes necessary so that all children in Oregon have the quality schools they deserve.

RSVP: Tel. 503-228-1675 or email More information
The public is invited to this monthly meeting of the Oregon Progressive Party. All are welcome, but only members get to vote on decisions.
Mar 9 Wed
Homeless people and low-income tenants are frontline communites bearing the bront of the skyrocketing drive for profit in the Portland housing market. Harassed by the police and landlords, these communites are organizing resitance and You can help.

WHAT: Join us for this tactical training to support and defend the most vulnerable communities in our city.

Light snacks will be served.
Mar 10 Thu

Join social justice activists and candidates for mayor of Portland March 10 at 6:30 PM for a public conversation about the social justice issues in our community.
  • Jules Bailey - candidate for mayor
  • Israel Bayer - Street Roots
  • Jo Ann Hardesty - NAACP - Portland Branch
  • Jason Renaud - Mental Health Association of Portland
  • Ted Wheeler - candidate for mayor
Event co-sponsors include KBOO Community Radio 90.7, First Unitarian Church, McKenzie River Gathering, Mental Health Association of Portland, NAACP - Portland Branch, Maranatha Church, Street Roots, Portland Women's Crisis Line, ACLU of Oregon, The Skanner Newspaper, In Other Words Feminist Community Center - and OTHERS. Candidates have been invited who form a campaign committee and raise or are on track to raise $5000 by March 1, 2016
Written by Bob Shields:

Based on actual events, this 1954 landmark film depicts a strike by Mexican-American mineworkers in New Mexico. With the exception of five actors, the cast comprises non-professionals, mostly participants in the real-life strike. The film is remarkably prophetic in its portrayal of the wives of the oppressed workers which seem to anticipate the women's liberation movement that would rise over a decade later. Against a backdrop of social injustice, a riveting family drama is played out by the characters of Ramon and Esperanza Quintero, a Mexican-American miner and his wife. In the course of the strike, Ramon and Esperanza find their roles reversed: an injunction against the male strikers moves the women to take over the picket line, leaving the men to domestic duties. The women evolve from the men's subordinates into their allies and equals.

The film's very existence is the result of political struggle. In the history of Hollywood there are few films with a story behind its making as dramatically riveting as that of Salt of the Earth. Made during the height of the McCarthy era by a group of blacklisted filmmakers who were among the best and the brightest Hollywood talent of the day, Salt of the Earth is itself a powerful and emotionally charged feature-length film. For the first time, this disc tells the true story of this troubled production, while also allowing the user to meet the filmmakers, understand the historical background and view the film, all on the same disc. During production, the blacklisted cast and crew were subject to attacks by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and other anti-Communist organizations. These attacks were misguided, however, as Salt of the Earth is now considered one of the most important American films in history.

$7-10 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds.

KBOO and the Clinton Street Theater have partnered to bring you a monthly film series about....well, it could be about radio, or about anyone of the many programs that KBOO airs--politics, labor, human rights, and, of course, lots of music.

A new film or event every second Thursday of the month, so stayed tuned to the radio and check back on the website, because you never know what might be happening month to month.
Join us for another amazing political education/fundraising community event. The event will help to promote the recent book release of Jalil Muntaqim. Jalil is a Political Prisoner and Prisoner of War from the Black Liberation Movement. He organized with the Black Panther Party in the Bay area and was underground with the Black Liberation Army. He was captured when he was 19 in 1971 and has been locked up ever since. His parole reviews (over five) continues to be slandered by the Fraternal Order of Police.

Jalil has maintained his innocence and continues his legacy of activism, civic engagement, education and commitment to scholarship. He has written numerous position papers, blogs, poetry and books. This event will feature his most recent collection of essays and poetry and forwards by Walidah Imarisha and Ward Churchill.

$5-10 sliding scale donation @ door!
All ages and open to the public!

Featuring local talent & activists:
Blacque Butterfly
Mic Crenshaw
Walidah Imarisha
Kent Ford
Talilo Marfil
Ibrahim Mubarek
Chauncy Peltier
Ahjamu Umi

Co-sponsored by Portland Anarchist Black Cross, NW Alliance for Alternative Media & Education, Right 2 Survive, RLM Entertainment

Escaping the Prism: Fade to Black (AK Press, 2015)

Facebook Event Page:
TV Show
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dr. Don Baham interviews interesting people about who they are as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals – and just about anything else that we think might make for interesting conversation. Each show features a distinct topic for discussion. Dr. Don Baham is a retired Clinical Psychologist. He can be reached at: (503) 626-1048 or friendlydon [at] Washington County, OR area: Shows are repeated on Channel 21 in Washington County at:
Friday 8:00 pm Saturday 3:30 am & 9:00 pm Sunday 3:00 pm
Mar 12 Sat
Every day we hear stories about America’s troubled education system. And we’re told that in order to fix what’s broken, we need to narrow our curricula, standardize our classrooms, and find new ways to measure students and teachers. But what if these “fixes” are making our schools worse.

In Beyond Measure, we set out to challenge the assumptions of our current education story.

Beyond Measure offers a positive picture of what’s possible in American education when communities decide they are ready for change. Are you?
Featuring a presentation by Dr. Judy Yung
Free admission 10am – 5pm as part of Smithsonian Museum Day
Toward Right Relationship with America's Native Peoples

Please join us for a two-hour workshop followed by dinner

Gain a deeper awareness of the continuity and experience of indigenous peoples within the American social political fabric. With greater awareness and concern, we will be better equipped to act for justice in solidarity with our Native American neighbors in Oregon

After the workshop, enjoy a simple supper and a presentation about the "first foods" of the Native Americans and the impacts of climate change on this important dimension of their traditional culture.

Register by March 6 by contacting Tickets: $20 (includes workshop and dinner)
Sliding scale; no one turned away. For more information, contact Katherine Jesch, 503.758.6662

Sponsored by Community for Earth and First Unitarian Social Justice Council
Strike Debt Portland invites students, debtors, teachers, artists, staff, professors, the public and allies to join us to share debt stories to talk about debt, to dispel stigmas, myths and taboos about debt, to learn about debt, and to organize ourselves to change the state of debt in our lives. This event will be hosted at a Strike Debt Portland members' homes and hope you can joins us!
The Oregon Historical Society is proud to host Portland's premiere screening of Chinese Couplets , the story of exclusion for one family, over two centuries, in three countries, and four generations of women. Told from the filmmaker's point-of-view, the documentary explores the universal themes of intergenerational strife between immigrants and their American born children, the often painful price paid by immigrants who abandoned their personal identity and their homes, and the burden of silence passed on to their offspring. Through one family's "micro" history, Chinese Couplets reveals the complex and contradictory nature of our national character: an America that embraces and welcomes immigrants, while at the same time being profoundly xenophobic and exclusionary to successive waves of ethnic and racial newcomers. A Q&A with the film maker will follow the screening.
Mar 13 Sun
Please join the Oregon Historical Society and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for a book discussion, poetry reading, and film screening by Judy Yung, author of Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island , and Felicia Lowe, documentary producer of Carved in Silence . Both the book and video will be available for sale following the program.

Award-winning veteran producer Felicia Lowe's works focus on the Chinese experience in America and include Chinese Couplets, Chinatown, and China: Land of My Father . Judy Yung is the daughter of Chinese immigrants who were detained on Angel Island and Professor Emerita of American Studies at UC Santa Cruz, where she taught courses in Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies, and Women's History for fourteen years.
Mar 14 Mon
Sunshine Week
Mar 16 Wed
Welcome to the meeting.
Mar 17 Thu
TV Show
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dr. Don Baham interviews interesting people about who they are as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals – and just about anything else that we think might make for interesting conversation. Each show features a distinct topic for discussion. Dr. Don Baham is a retired Clinical Psychologist. He can be reached at: (503) 626-1048 or friendlydon [at] Washington County, OR area: Shows are repeated on Channel 21 in Washington County at:
Friday 8:00 pm Saturday 3:30 am & 9:00 pm Sunday 3:00 pm
Mar 18 Fri
March 19 will mark 13 years since the US invasion of Iraq and 5 years since the US bombing of Libya. Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) and other groups will hold a rally and march on Friday, March 18, 2016 at 5:00 PM in Pioneer Courthouse Square (SE Yamhill and Broadway) marking these two anniversaries while protesting the ongoing policies toward the two countries. The event's title is its purpose: "No More US Wars in Iraq and Libya." The war in Iraq has re-ignited under the guise of fighting ISIS as the US continues to send advisors and special forces, with troops numbering 4450 in early February (, February 3).*-1 The US has been shopping around the idea of new military intervention in Libya, also because of the presence of ISIS, prompting Glenn Greenwald to write "one of the few benefits of the NATO bombing of Libya will [come back] to the... machine of Endless Militarism: It provided a pretext for another new war" (The Intercept, January 27).*-2

The event is cosponsored by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland, Occupation-Free Portland and others. For more information contact Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group at 503-236-3065 or

Mar 19 Sat
Mar 20 Sun
New Visions for Our Justice System Film Series presents Prison Kids: A Crime Against America’s Children, an investigative documentary based on the personal stories of people who spent their youth in the juvenile justice system.

Followed by a panel featuring author and retired judge Neal Lemery, parent and educator Marilyn Dikeos, and PPS Restorative Justice Coordinator Sidney Morgan. Room

Free; all welcome.
Sponsored by Ending the New Jim Crow.
More Information
Mar 21 Mon
The World Affairs Council of Oregon is hosting a “special morning program” sponsored by Nike with Joseph Y. Yun, U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia; Craig Allen, U.S. Ambassador to Brunei; William E. Craft, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Trade Policy and Programs–“insiders and experts on international trade–who will share their insights on the big picture and the path ahead for the TPP” Join us to send a LOUD and clear message:

DOWN with the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

FACEBOOK event page

Mar 22 Tue
Come to our monthly meeting to find out what's new in our efforts toward 100% clean energy. Pizza at 6 pm and meeting runs from 6:30 - 8 pm. Contact Laura Stevens for more information: 503-238-0442 x305.
Mar 23 Wed
A passionate new voice in American politics, United States Senator Cory Booker makes the case that the virtues of empathy, responsibility, and action must guide our nation toward a brighter future. Raised in northern New Jersey, Booker went to Stanford University on a football scholarship, accepted a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, then studied at Yale Law School. Graduating from Yale, his options were limitless. He chose public service. He chose to move to a rough neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, where he worked as a tenants rights lawyer before winning a seat on the City Council. In 2006, he was elected mayor, and for more than seven years he was the public face of an American city that had gone decades with too little positive national attention and investment. In 2013, Booker became the first African American elected to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. In his new memoir, United (Ballantine), Senator Booker draws on personal experience to issue a stirring call to reorient our nation and our politics around the principles of compassion and solidarity. He speaks of rising above despair to engage with hope, pursuing our shared mission, and embracing our common destiny.
Can technology solve all our problems? Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many of our most famous journalists, pundits, and economists seem to think so. According to them, “intelligent machines” and big data will free us from work, educate our children, transform our environment, and even make religion more user-friendly. This is the story they’re telling us: that we should stop worrying and love our robot future. But just because you tell a story over and over again doesn’t make it true. Curtis White, one of our most brilliant and perceptive social critics, knows all about the danger of a seductive story, and in his new book, We, Robots (Melville House), he tangles with the so-called thinkers who are convinced that the future is rose-colored and robotically enhanced.
Mar 24 Thu
TV Show
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dr. Don Baham interviews interesting people about who they are as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals – and just about anything else that we think might make for interesting conversation. Each show features a distinct topic for discussion. Dr. Don Baham is a retired Clinical Psychologist. He can be reached at: (503) 626-1048 or friendlydon [at] Washington County, OR area: Shows are repeated on Channel 21 in Washington County at:
Friday 8:00 pm Saturday 3:30 am & 9:00 pm Sunday 3:00 pm
Mar 26 Sat
Public Meeting
Jo Ann Hardesty or Cynthia Harris
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
General membership meeting
Mar 27 Sun
Emergency Rally for Rent Control On October 7th, the City of Portland declared a Housing State of Emergency.

Yet, at that council meeting, Commissioner Fish conceded, ”Let's acknowledge that this vote in and of itself solves nothing. "

Indeed. It did not. Local news recently reported that Portland’s rent increases are the highest in the nation, increasing at a rate of 14% OVER JUST ONE MONTH. The snooze-button emergency “renter protections” - - - 90-days notice on rent increases and no-cause evictions---did nothing to stop the exploitative price gouging. These "protections" did nothing to quiet the tsunami of forced displacement.

On April 7th, six months to the day of Portland’s declaration, we are asking you to join us in asking Multnomah County to take bold and decisive action. We can’t wait for the magical day that supply catches up with demand. We need to protect and stabilize tenants struggling to stay in their homes. We need rent control, and we need it now.

Mar 30 Wed
Sponsored by LWV Marion & Polk Counties (Salem)
"Assata Shakur talks about socialist development in Cuba." The former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army cadre who has had political asylum in Cuba since 1984, talks about socialist practices in Cuba, racism, patriarchy, and the way forward for socialist politics.

The All African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) is hosting its annual discussion events as a way of informing discussion about the worldwide struggle for Pan-Africanism, which we define as one unified socialist Africa. We believe Pan-Africanism is the key to the problems facing over 900 million Africans who are scattered and suffering in 113 countries. We also believe Pan-Africanism is our contribution to the worldwide movement for peace, justice, and scientific socialism.

Also, don't forget that the A-APRP feeds children every Monday and Friday at Colombia International Cup Coffee Shop in N. Portland. Look for us to expand our work with other local organizations in New Columbia to help build an independent African school there.
Mar 31 Thu
David Berliner is one of the most respected voices in education. His book,has sparked many a lively debate about our public schools. Berliner argues that many citizens' conception of K-12 public education in the US is more myth than reality. Warped opinions about our nation's public schools include: they are inferior to private schools; they are among the worst in the world in math and science; teachers should be fired if their students don't score at the national average and more.

Bring your critical thinking skills and join in the debate to debunk the myths about our public schools. Tickets are free but seats are limited. Let us know you are coming. Register here
TV Show
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Dr. Don Baham interviews interesting people about who they are as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals – and just about anything else that we think might make for interesting conversation. Each show features a distinct topic for discussion. Dr. Don Baham is a retired Clinical Psychologist. He can be reached at: (503) 626-1048 or friendlydon [at] Washington County, OR area: Shows are repeated on Channel 21 in Washington County at:
Friday 8:00 pm Saturday 3:30 am & 9:00 pm Sunday 3:00 pm
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