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8 January 2018 - 7 February 2018
Jan 8 Mon
Unit discussion on Measure 101, League of Women Voters of Lane County. Other LWVLC units scheduled Jan. 8-12.

Contact: - 541-343-7917
Jan 9 Tue
The panel will include a speaker to present the factual information on the ballot measure (Peter Graven, OHSU), a speaker for the Yes Campaign (Rob Nosse, State Representative and Yes for Healthcare) and a speaker representing the opponents (TBD from opposing group).

More here:

Featuring State Rep. Cedric Hayden & State Rep. John Lively
(Moderator: Rachael McDonald, KLCC interim news director)
Jan 10 Wed
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Brookings - M101 Forum
TV Show
David Delk 503.232.5495
9:00 PM
Weekly cable access program sponsored by the Alliance for Democracy. We use a 1/2 hour interview format, talking with people involved in ending corporate domination and establishing true democracy.

Portland Metro (Portland Community Media)
Wednesday 9:00 pm Ch 23 Saturday 3:00 pm Ch 22 Tuesday 9:00 am Ch 11
Washington County (Tualatin Valley Cable Television): All are Ch 23
Sunday 4:00 pm Tuesday 4:30 am Thursday 8:30 am Friday 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am
Jan 11 Thu

Doors open at 11 a.m. – buffet served at 11:30

Open to the public, reservations required
RSVP call 541-343-7919 or
Lunch $17, beverage only $5
(speakers/format tba)
 Contact: - 541-343-7917
On Thursday, January 11, 2018, communities across Oregon and Northern California are heading to Salem to ask Governor Brown to stand up for the climate by stopping the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export terminal. Can you join? RSVP HERE.

WHAT: Join us as Oil Change International releases a new report detailing the climate changing pollution from the Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal.
WHEN: Thursday, January 11, 2018, at 12:00 p.m.
WHERE: Oregon State Capitol Building, 900 Court St NE., Salem, OR 97301.
Meet up with allies from around the state. Please wear RED.

Together, we stopped LNG export on the Columbia River, but our allies in Southern Oregon are continuing the struggle against Oregon’s last remaining LNG proposal—a project that would be Oregon’s largest greenhouse gas polluter. The 229-mile pipeline and fracked gas export project would threaten 400 waterways and impact tribes’ rights. And, like the Bradwood and Oregon LNG fights, this project would trample the rights of landowners through use of eminent domain, put existing jobs in fishing, tourism, and other sectors at risk, drive up energy prices, and become the largest source of climate pollution in the state of Oregon. Can you join the day of action?

Join us on January 11th for a vigil marking the 16th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay. Join us to stand in solidarity with those who are held without trial and demand that the detention center be shut down once and for all.

We will be sharing poems and letters from the prisoners to uplift their stories and voices in our continued struggle to resist and organize against state violence and mass incarceration.

From Rikers Island to Guantanamo, Prisons Have Got to Go!!



Cedric Hayden (recommending a “NO” vote) – Oregon State Representative, District 7 and Petitioner to Refer the Measure to the Voters

Janet Bauer (recommending a “YES” vote)Healthcare Policy Analyst for the Oregon Center for Public Policy

Sara Gelser 

Moderator: Tony Van Vliet – Former Oregon State Representative from Corvallis

YES vote retains the funding and the federal matching funds.

NO vote removes the funding provisions in the bill.

Please join us for a timely and informative program. There will be plenty of time for audience questions.

Co-sponsored by the LWV of Corvallisand the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

The "Great Recession" financial crisis of 2007/8 brought forth the need for Americans to examine the financial institutions which came to negatively impact Americans, increasing the inequities of American society as well as the divide based on race. That examination begun with a critical look at the role of the too-big-to-fail banks and a desire to develop financial institutions which support the needs for local financing of local needs, separated from the profit seeking activities of the too-big-too-fail banks.

Thus a movement to form public banks was reborn. The movement today focuses on the formation of municipal banks. Movement grows coast to coast with active efforts from Seattle, San Francisco, and Santa Fe and going east to Washington DC and Philadelphia. And now the effort starts in Portland.
Jan 13 Sat
We are laser focused on working for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend, the climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say is the “best first-step” to preventing the worst impacts of a warming world.

We have a solid and growing chapter with 20-30 core members who are committed to our approach. We meet twice a month, on 2nd Saturdays (national conference call) and 4th Wednesdays (Social Action Night). We'd love to meet you. Come join us for a brew or some good solid action that makes a difference.

Call Tamara if you need to be let in to the church building: 503 703 7058.
By far our highest demand from tenants is seen on our Tenants’ Rights Hotline. We answer hundreds of calls a month from renters in crisis and our need for more volunteers to meet that need is ever-expanding. Hotline volunteers require a special amount of training and therefore we ask for a 6-month commitment at 4 hours per month for those willing to take on this community need.

Interested in other forms of volunteering? No worries. RSVP at our ticket link and let us know if you'd prefer one-off or shorter-term commitments.

Email to find out more.
Jan 14 Sun
The Internet is under attack and the City of Portland is fighting back.

We are demanding the city immediately prioritize the development of a municipal broadband network.

Comcast and other large internet service providers have successfully lobbied to repeal net neutrality, sell information about what you do online, and prevent localities from properly regulating them. Municipal broadband is the last line of defense against internet service provider abuses which threaten freedom of information, digital equality, and democracy itself.

Municipal broadband is something many cities such as Tacoma, WA and Sandy, OR already have. In Portland we have been planning to build a municipal broadband network decades, now that our internet freedoms are under attack, it’s an idea whose time has come.

Event Schedule:
2:00 pm: Gather at City Hall
2:15 pm: Speakers
2:40 pm: Letter writing
2:50 pm: March
3:15 pm: Return to city hall for more speakers
4:00 pm: Wrap up and future plans

Jan 15 Mon
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and of the opening of our newest exhibit from the Oregon Black Pioneers, Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years, admission to the Oregon Historical Society museum will be FREE for the entire day!

Racing to Change illuminates the Civil Rights Movement in Oregon in the 1960s and 1970s, a time of cultural and social upheaval, conflict, and change. The era brought new militant voices into a clash with traditional organizations of power, both Black and White.

Visitors of all ages and backgrounds will engage in the examination of the repression and violence against African Americans that made the Civil Rights Movement necessary. The exhibit explores how racist attitudes, policies of exclusion, and the destruction of Black-owned neighborhoods shaped Oregon, as well as the unceasing efforts of the Black community to overcome these obstacles.
"33rd Anniversary "Where Do We Go From Here..."

as People, as Family, as Community?"

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr. Tribute

For more information: Executive Producere - Ken Berry, 503.816.9001

Jan 16 Tue
FREE for Hatch members (learn more about Hatch membership!) $15 for non-members We will discuss types of legal entities available for social enterpreneurs.
Jan 17 Wed
join us for a morning cup-o-joe on your way to work from 7:30-9am. We will rotate locations each month so watch out for a Coffee Club along your commute route.

Coffee Clubs are a place for women to come together, share biking experiences and get to know one another. All are welcome to stay for as long or little as you like on you way to the office. Non-commuters also welcome.

This event is open to all women, female-identifying, trans, and gender-nonconforming people who enjoy biking (or think that they might).

Join the Women Bike group and RSVP (not required) at
The candidates are Shemia Fagan, Kayse Jama and Rod Monroe.

Do you have concerns or questions about whait is happening in your neighborhood or community?

Come and hear the candidates speak and let them hear from you. The last half of the program will be reserved for taking audience questions.

Hosted by Multnomah Councty Democrats.

Enter the church down the brick pathway midway between SW Salmon and Main St, using the right hand door at the end of the pathway. Remember that sometimes the church may be locked up at 7:15, after which access may not be possible. If you are locked out, you can try calling 503.373.4222.

TV Show
David Delk 503.232.5495
9:00 PM
Weekly cable access program sponsored by the Alliance for Democracy. We use a 1/2 hour interview format, talking with people involved in ending corporate domination and establishing true democracy.

Portland Metro (Portland Community Media)
Wednesday 9:00 pm Ch 23 Saturday 3:00 pm Ch 22 Tuesday 9:00 am Ch 11
Washington County (Tualatin Valley Cable Television): All are Ch 23
Sunday 4:00 pm Tuesday 4:30 am Thursday 8:30 am Friday 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am
Jan 18 Thu
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Connect with and learn from people other altruistic Portlanders. Listen to speakers from completely different backgrounds speak about their shared mission to make the world a better place.

Helpers United is a monthly showcase of local projects to make a positive impact and a networking event for those interested in such things. Each month we have five speaker give a five minute presentation about what they are doing to help, followed by five minutes of Q&A with the audience.

Jan 20 Sat
Come join us for an all-day party to kick off our exhibit opening at the Oregon Historical Society!
50 Years of KBOO is the story of Oregon’s first community radio station. Learn how KBOO started as a relief to Portland’s bleak FM desert and became a community effort to build a more accessible media. This exhibition reveals how KBOO connects to counter-culture and activism locally as well as nationally. See how radio is made, and how listener-supported radio first came to be, as part of a chronicle of our region’s shared history.

Hosted by Don't Shoot Portland

On the 3rd Saturday of every month the members of Hughes Memorial Church host a community meal. Last year we joined in to help! In one Year Community action Plans fed over 6k people hot and cold meals. Hundred of pounds of clothes given out to hundreds of families and house less youth.

Not everyone has access to food regularly and this is one way to help distribute and collect resources.

We have collaborated with Hughes Memorial to host an ongoing clothing and hospitality kits donation drop point while using Saturday's for neighborhood supported prep and distribution of warm meals!! On 3rd Saturdays we take to the streets #NVDA to deliver food to the houseless community. In APRIL we began gardening so that we can continue to distribute fresh food to those in need!!Join Us!!

Please join us on January 20th at 10:00 am to volunteer, donate, learn more!

Jan 23 Tue
Special Election Day for Measure 101
Come to our monthly meeting to find out what's new in our efforts toward 100% clean energy. Pizza at 6 pm and meeting runs from 6:30 - 8 pm. Contact Laura Stevens for more information: 503-238-0442 x305.

“District attorneys are the most powerful players in the criminal justice system, but most people don’t know who they are or what they do. They Report to You empowers Oregonians to improve our criminal justice system by redefining the role of district attorneys, increasing voter engagement with these important elected positions, and advocating for reforms that appropriately balance the enormous power and discretion of prosecutors.” Campaign Manager Daniel Lewkow will join us next month to introduce the ACLU’s new criminal justice reform campaign, which will focus on the power of Oregon’s district attorneys and the potential power of concerned citizens like us. For more information:

Jan 27 Sat
January 27th, 2018 is the first anniversary of Trump's Muslim Ban. Trump has labeled our neighbors, community members, and their relatives back home as "a threat" & treated them like "terrorists." He reduced the number of refugee arrivals from 110,000 to only 45,000 this fiscal year. We will honor individual community members who have been affected by this un-American action at this peaceful event

I urge ALL Americans to join us and show your support!

Bring your friends, families and signs!


Jan 31 Wed
Want to know how you can keep your money where you live? Interested in creating prosperous communities in Oregon, and supporting small business?

Come along to your local InvestOR meetup to learn how to make it happen. Oregon’s new securities crowdfunding rules were published in early 2015, making it legal to invest in local businesses. but where do you start? What’s a security? How do you know if you should invest? What’s due diligence? Come along and engage in this practical discussion using a toolkit developed by Hatch Innovation, the nonprofit that led the way for local investing in Oregon.
Feb 1 Thu
ALL ARE WELCOME AT OUR MEETINGS! Come join us to further the human rights work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).

Through a combination of advocacy, education, and partnerships with grassroots organizations, UUSC promotes economic justice, advances environmental justice, defends civil liberties, and preserves the rights of people in times of humanitarian crisis.
MISSION: We are Progressive Activists promoting alliances and direct action for Social Justice.
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles
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