Problems with ?

You may have ended up here because you're looking for information about calendars hosted with "Parish Calendars" at Unfortunately, we can't help.

We're Brown Bear Software, the company that wrote the calendar software that is - or was? - using. They have a very old version of our software, and more importantly, we don't have anything to do with their service or have access to anything there. We also have no contact information for them.

You will need to get in touch with somebody at that company.

Sorry we can't be more help. FYI, we do offer calendar hosting services, with newer software. You can choose between a single calendar system, with shared-password based security, or a more advanced multi-calendar system, with user logins.

Both are available free, with advertising displayed; $50/year or $10/month to use with no ads.

Please feel free to contact us if you do have more questions.