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Here are some (unsolicited) messages clients and users sent in to us. Hey! These make us feel good.
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Thanks for all your help. It's greatly appreciated. I've had nothing but great support from both yourselves, and the company that we purchased our email software from. Some of our UK companies could learn a thing or too about customer service :-). They seem to think that support ends when you've purchased their product.
Calcium is excellent! Ran across it while looking for some CGI gadgets for our intranet site. Management needed a calendaring software. They where about to spend several thousand deutschmarks for Exchange server. But now it's Calcium!
We are a large research institution (500+ employees, $40m+ budget) and have been using iCal for several months as an integral part of our internal web site (running on an NT 4.0 server). We are using it to provide a master calendar of events occurring on the campus as well as to provide scheduling for several multi-use conference rooms. The product is extremely affordable and installs and runs without a hitch. Support is excellent, friendly, and extremely prompt (even when you ask dumb questions which are answered in the excellent tutorial).
iCal has my vote for the best little package of the year!!! As the I.T. Manager for a medical communications company, I needed an easy to use application that would handle the fairly straightforward chore of keeping our staff and meeting schedules updated and available to anyone with a web browser. Without the cost, overhead and hardware requirements of a full contact management package. I found iCal to be a pleasure to use and a snap to administer. The screens are intuitive to even the newest of end users. The iCal server and the 3 calendars set up so far barely tickle the NT 4.0 machine they are installed on. With any new application, support is an important consideration. I had a minor question about the installation of the program. I e-mailed the support staff and got a response back within an hour! Microsoft should take lessons in customer satisfaction from Brown Bear Software!
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with iCal. Everyone we demo'ed it to was very impressed! Thanks for making a great product. You can use me as a reference if you ever have the need. Thanks again!
Thanks again for the fast response. We are continually amazed at the stability and flexibility of Calcium. There's lot's of other calendars out there but no one can touch you on service and support. We would gladly buy your product again.
this is the second organization i have used your calendar for and i know of a third that signed on as well. we non-profits in northern new mexico surely appreciate your user-friendly and kick-ass calendar! gracias - jen
Just installed your upgrade/enhancement which you specially wrote. It works flawlessly and looks excellent. This is exactly what I had in mind!! You just made me look like a superstar by following through on this so quickly ... I know I will be using your product again and again in the future. If you ever have a major account you are looking to close, I am here to give you an outstanding testimonial about your product, your amazing tech support AND engineering support. I'm amazed that a company so far away from me can do more than software companies that exist right in the immediate vicinity - Vinny, Long Island, New York
...your willingness to make changes so quickly and help us get everything working the way we wanted was one of the main reasons that we chose Calcium above anything else.