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TripleSync Calendar

You can go to the download page and obtain your own copy to try out, but here is a quick overview of what you'll see. TripleSync has 3 views for your calendar events: List, Month, and Year. The following screenshot shows the List and Month views:

TripleSync's interface is very easy and intuitive to use. Just double click on the day where you want to add a new event, and enter in the information for your event. To edit an existing event just click on it.

Web Calendar Synchronization

Once you have your events entered, you can go ahead and do some synchronizing with your Web calendar. The first step is to go into File/Options.../WebSync and tell TripleSync about your Web calendar. To experiment with, you can use the online Demo settings:

Then, just go select the main menu command WebSync/Synchronize Desktop and Web (or any of the other WebSync commands):

This will synchronize all your events from your TripleSync desktop calendar with the Web calendar you specified. To view the demo calendars, visit the iCal Demo and the Calcium Demo calendars. You can add, edit, or delete events on either calendar (desktop or web) and then the next time you do a WebSync all your changes made to either calendar will be updated on both platforms. You may find TripleSync useful/faster to do most of your event entry, and then with a WebSync you can transfer all your events to the Web calendar.

Triple Synchronization

If you use a Palm Pilot you can do triple synchronization between your handheld, desktop, and web calendars. With the push of a single button all 3 platforms will be synchronized. To set up a triplesync, first check your Hotsync settings by clicking on its icon in the system task tray:

and choose "Custom..." from the popup menu.

Select the "TripleSync Date Book" conduit and choose the "Change..." button:

and select the type of synchronization you want to do. If you would like to do a triplesync, select "Synchronize Handheld, Desktop, and Web":

If your list of conduits also includes a "Calendar" conduit, change it to "Do Nothing":

Then, just do a normal HotSync: put your Palm in its cradle, and push the HotSync button. All 3 platforms will be synchronized!